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7 Golden Rules Of Life
7 Golden Rules Of Life !!!

Don't let someone become a priority in your life, when you are just an option in their life.
Relationships work best when they are balanced. There's only one, He is GOD. If you let someone become a priority in your life, you will ruin you own life, because all of your focus is just for the people who you priority, we must keep balance so our life can go on smoothly :)

Never explain yourself to anyone.
Because the person who likes you doesn't need it, and the person who doesn't like you won't believe it. In the other words,other peoples don't like to hear about you but peoples like to talk about themselves.

When you keep saying you are busy, then you are never free.
When you keep saying you have no time, then you will never have time.
When you keep saying that you will do it tomorrow, then your tomorrow will never come.
the other word is ,"Don't make Excuse"

When we wake up in the morning, we have two simple choices.
Go back to sleep and dream, or wake up and chase those dreams.
Choice is yours. The other word is,"Chase your dream in your sleep or chase your dream in your life"

We make them cry who care for us.
We cry for those who never care for us.
And we care for those who will never cry for us.
This is the truth of life, it's strange but true. Once you realize this, it's never too late to change. This is because peoples are too selfish to their own desire.

Don't make promise when you are in joy.
Don't reply when you are sad.
Don't take decision when you are angry.
Think twice, act twice. The other word is "Think before act, but don't think too much"

Time is like river. You can't touch the same water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again. It is your decision to waste your time or not :)

Hope that this post can bless you all, have a nice day and God bless you



After dawn there will always a tomorrow

Once upon a time, there was a father with four sons. One day, the father order his sons to go the jungle to see a pear tree. The first son go to the jungle in Winter, second son in Sprint, and the third son in Summer, and the fourth in Autumn.

When there is time they are back from the jungle, they give a report to their father. The first son said,"The Pear tree looks very ugly and its stem is crooked". The second son said,"The tree is filled with many promising green buds". The third son said,"The Tree is filled with many flowers with a very good smell", And at last the fourth son come and disagree with them. He said,"The tree is filled with many ripe fruits and good smell"

Then the father said to them, "All of you are right, only that you all see a tree in a different time, From now on, don't judge the life just base on a difficult time". When we are in a difficult situation, everything looks not promising, there are many failures and many dissapoint things. We can't escape the situation, because we must face it. Don't blame yourself even other people or don't feel that we are can't do this thing that thing, Stupid, fool, or bad luck.

If we are not patient enough in spring, summer then when we are at a winter, we will lose a spring and a summer which promise us a hope, and we will not have harvest a result in a winter.
Remember that in a very difficult situation, there will always a way. "Everything beautiful in its time". All we have to do is keep fighting and never give up and always remember in God and keep praying until something happen :) Keep positive in our mind and keep focus in doing our task.

The darkness of night will not endure forever, dawn will come tomorrow to drive away the darkness

God bless you all :)

with Love,


Got awards from my friends

Hey there sorry for the late post, I'm being busy in my past week... so today I'll post my award here :)

Thanks to my friends for giving me this awards





before that , I must finish my tag first :)

1. Do you like to paint?
- Yep, I like it, but I don't have a skill to paint, because if I paint a cow, I got a horse :p
2. What are you doing when you are getting bored?
- The important thing I will not hanging on the three :D
3. Why the snail walk slowly?
- It's the waste of time to analyze the snail walking Lol

4. How old is your blog?
- hmmm...My blog is a new baby born :D

5. From when you know about blogging ?
- Hmmm...very long time , but I just starting this year

6. Why did you interest in blogging?
- Because I want to share to everybody how fun is life, and how challenging is this life, and if I can, I want to motivate and inspire all of my friend and looking for friends

7. What is the plus minus from your blog
- Hmmm... don't know too... maybe you can give me a critic or suggestion please :)

8. I would like to give back this award to 5 of my blogger friends :)
- they are :

1. Yanconx
2. Muzzy
3. imoel
4. intan
5. Dittow

hehe done...i'm sorry if I don't follow the rule , because I'm not quite understand :p

Woman Tears (tribute for all woman)

If a woman cry in front of you, that because she can't hold it anymore.

If you hold her hand when she's crying, she will live with you in your lifetime.

If you let her go, she will not come back to herself like the past time forever!

A woman will not cry easily, except in front of the people that she really loves, she will become weak in front of people that she loves really.

A woman will not cry easily except in front of the people who dear so much by her, she will lower her ego.

Hey men and boys, if a woman cried because you,please hold their hands with a full of love because she is the one who will stay with you in a lifetime
Hey men and boys, if a women cry because of you, please don't dump her, maybe because of your decision,
you destroy her life.

When she cry in front of you, when she cry because of you, look into her eyes deeply, can you see and can you feel her pain that she got because of you?

In the day where God created a woman, an angel asked to God,"What is the special from this creation of You?

God answered,"there are many specials in this creation of mine". Behind her tender , she has a very big power inside of her. Her speech is a truth. Her smile is a spirit for the one she loves. Her hug and her kiss can warmth her sons.

She is smile when she saw her friend laugh.
She is touched when she saw her son become a champion.
She cry when she saw a pain.
She can smile behind her sad
She is very happy when she saw birth
She is very sad when she saw a death
Her tears can bring a peace

But she always forget one thing...
"What is that God?",the angel asked.
"She forget how much precious she is"

Woman is a pearl, a mother of human, a joy to a guy, a peace to the family, a life to the son, a helper to the people, a love to son and people who's sad

Hey woman, if you think you are not deserved in this world, you are truely wrong! You are deserved in this world, because you are very precious, even God valued you more than everthing and God admit you that you are very precious.

Hey woman, if you are broken heart now, remember that you have a big power to rise up, you have a great spirit to rise up that a guy don't have.

Hey woman, remember that all of the man who become a success people in this world is because they have a great woman to accompany him. There's a famous word,"Behind a great man, there is a great woman", so woman, you are very precious and you are more than jewel for man.

If there is a man who don't appreciate you, just don't care about him, you have your life alone out there and find someone who can loves you,who can appreciate you more than him.

Even God used Mary to born Jesus Christ, it was a prove that God Himself very appreciate woman. So guys, please don't dissapoint a woman, even your lover, your mother, or every woman you meet. Because they are precious, her tears is valuable, don't waste them.

Dedicated to all women in this world!

You are all a great woman, thanks you all for become a great woman in this world :)

God bless you all !

Smile Smile Smile, Is that too hard?

Before you read this, please smile with a big wide smile :D

Hey come on, let's smile :D

It's to hard for you to smile? come let's do it again

say cheeeeeeessseeeeee :D

hmmmm.....I don't see a smile again...

Hey come on guys, it's not too hard to smile

let's do it again.....

Smileeeeeeeeeee , peeacceeeeee :D

hmmmm....why you are not smiling again :)

okay let me give you this

Now I can see your smile now hehe :)

It's that fun to have a smile in ourself ? Did you ever to think that this world is lack of smile ? The world is too busy to smile, too busy to laugh, too busy to have fun. Actually smile is very easy to do, and in the health research, smile is very good and can effect our age. People who smile a lot have a healthy life than the people who lack of smile.

Sometimes people is too arogant to smile, when peoples are walking on the street, people always walking with a sour face, there's no smile on their face. Even when they are looking to each other face to face, each of them is too arogant to throw a smile..

Peoples are put their dignity too high, even for the couple. When one of them is annoyed and one of them is making a joke to him, he will not smile even the joke is very funny that's because their dignity is too high. What's the purpose for that? it just lead them to break their relationship.

Why a smile can make us healtier because when we are stress, sad, annoyed, angry, our body produce a substance that can poison our body that's why people who stress, sad many times is die faster. And if we are smile, our body produce a substance that can kill a bactery, virus or bad cell in our body

What is the purpose from the smile ?

A Smile can make us healthier
Like I wrote above, a smile can make us healthier and to help us stay young (i remember a song which title is forever young haha)

A Smile can make our day pass faster
Do you ever feel very bored when you are at the office, school, or wherever? If that so, then you lack of smile at there? Am I right? Then when you talk and chat to your friend and always smile and laugh, do you feel that the day is very fast to past? If you feel it so you are smiling everytime :)

A Smile is the start from the relationship
Yes the smile is the start from the relationship? Do you think that a sour face and the angry face can make peoples adore you? or like you or loves you? no way :) Smile is the first step to start a realtionship. When we introduction each one of us, we use smile..What do you think an introduction with a smile is more effective than not with a smile? :)

A Smile even can save people from disease
Even with a smile we can help people who is in the hospital, with a smile on your face, people will very happy and will smile to you too. Remember what I wrote above? :) This why in a hospital, nurses are been taught to smile to the patient frequently.

A Smile can raise up the spirit
A smile can raise up people who have lost everything , broken heart, even the people who want to have a suicide, with a smile to the people, it show them that there's still people who care to him/her. This can help their spirit to continue the life.

Even A Smile can help you pass a job interview
Funny is it? yes, A smile can help us to pass a job interview, because it is a plus to us if we have a smile and the boss will like us too than an employee with a sour face.

A Smile is the key to start the day with a success day
Do you ever to have an experience, when you are get up from the bed, and you feel very lazy, you feel very bored, and you feel that you want only holiday that day? And then you brush your teeth, but you run out the toothpaste, and then you go out from the bathroom and you slip yourself and you fall down, and then when you go to the work, there's suddenly a rain and you forget to take the umbrella, what do you feel that day? you feel very angry and a very bad mood, and it will continue a long day. So how to avoid this, SMILE! when you get up, have a smile first, even you run out the toothpaste, just smile and enjoy, and even you fall down, just enjoy and smile, then try to compare which day is happier?

Imagine if this world is full of smile and happiness, there will be no sad, tears, angry, even criminal..I'm waiting for that day come, and I know that day will come :) so guys, if you are reading this, let's the day from now to smile often :D A little smile from you can bring joy to the world, pass the smile to everyone you meet and everyone you know... let's make the world that fill with a full smile ^^

Don't worry people will say you crazy because you smile often, because I'm always smile in my office and always happy, even when I have a big problem, I try to be happy and smile and suddenly the problem is very easy to pass.

Let's start a SMILE DAY today, do you agree?


GOD bless you all forever ^^

love , Ted

Meaning of True Love

Today , when I'm cleaning my hardisk I found a video that I like very much. This video clip became popular years ago, and many of peoples using it to touch many peoples and then I'll post it again here :)

and watch this one too

Love, love, love, maybe it is a very hot topic to discuss in this world. We can see through a movie, a book , novel, even in at school, office, and many other places. Let's go to the topic about true love, do you know what is the meaning of true love ? maybe some of peoples will say, true love is when two peoples sharing their time, their life, their money, or maybe people will say true love is when two peoples are unite as one, as a wife and husband.

Love needs cares, patient, time, succumb and the most important thing is that love needs sacrifice! On the video above we see that the guy loves the girl very much and he sacrifice the very valuable things for the girl, his eyes. In this day, is there any people who can do that?
In this video we can learn something :

Don't judge people too fast
In the video, we can see that when the guy leave the girl, the girl is quickly judge the guy left him because the girl can't see again or blind, so he judged the guy is the same to the other guys that just only want to take advantage from girl.

Love needs to be pursued
In this video, we saw that the girl making her effort to pursue the guy she love. Yes, for girl, it is not too good to pursue a guy, but if a girl can make a effort without the guy knowing the girl want to pursue him, it is better than sitting silently without doing anything is more loser than doing things.

Love needs a responsible
Love needs a responsible, because love is not for fun, or not for played, in love we must responsible all the thing we do. If we love someone, we must love him/her till the end. If we don't have a responsible , please don't love people, and don't make other people loves you. Because you can hurt people heart, even you can kill his/her fortune.

Love is not accepting the plus but the minus
Do you love a guy or girl because he/she is pretty or handsome? he is white? she has a long hair and everything? If you love people by that, that's not a true love :), how about if your lover is a blind people? a deaf, a people can't speak, or maybe a people who can't walk properly? Can you love him/her if he/she have such condition, in the video, we can see that the guy show the really true love, but not the girl. Because when she know that her ex-boyfriend give her his eyes and become blind, she just stopping and not taking action to call him.

I'm very grateful because my wife can accept me even when I have a big process right now, when I can't walk properly and became paralyzed, she still loyal lo love me and take care of me. She's really my spirit in my life. And she's my true love :)

Love needs trust
What will happened if there is no trust in love? then it will become a ruined love and the love will not become a strong love. Because a trust is a shield to protect the love and the couple. If the love lack of trust and when someone is trying to destroy the relationship, it will be very easy to destroy because lack of trust.

and the last

True love is when someone willing to sacrifice his life for the one he loves
The very important point in this video is, Loves is sacrifice if we are willing to sacrifice our very precious thing for the people we love, the love is really expensive more than this world. And I think in this world there are no such people who can sacrifice his life for his beloved one but there's only one who can sacrifice his life for people who love, He is Jesus from nazareth who sacrifice his life for human that He loves :) and He is God of god..

And now the question is, for you who are in relationship or married, are you willing to sacrifice yourself for the one who loved much :) ?

Hope this article can bless you all my friend

Love you all

I disappoint my family

Riiiiinnnnnnggg... The lunch time bell in the office is ringing, and it is a time for lunch. Finally it's the lunch time I think, I want to get a rest for a minute and have a chat with my friend. Then I'm going out to my friends and we go to have a lunch at a nearer restaurant. In a middle of lunch, my friend asking,"Let's go to have a party every saturday, what do you think?", then I'm thinking,"'s a great idea, because every saturday I don't have thing to do", then I agreed to them and then we have a great plan to have a party every saturday.

After we finish the lunch, we go back to the office with laugh and with a full of stomach. We all are very exciting to think about the party that will held every saturday. And then I work with a big spirit. Finally I'm finish my job, and my friends again ask me to go to the Karaoke to have a party again, and I agreed it again...At the karaoke room, we all have fun and we drink a beer, at last I'm drunk and then finally I go home.

At home with a drunk condition, with a very smelly body, my wife asked me,"Where have you been? You are drunk? have you buy a supper for us?", that time I was too drunk to answer and then I'm going to bed quickly. That's the first time my wife and my son didn't have a supper that day. Then my wife cook a fried rice for our son.

A next day, when I'm awake, my son asking me,"Daddy, how about going to the zoo this saturday", I remember that I have a party with my friend this saturday and I said,"Sorry my son, Daddy have many works this saturday, next saturday ok?", "But daddy, I want this saturday because I miss to play with you so much daddy, please daddy".
I said,"Daddy is busy","ok then, play with me now daddy, come on daddy, just a minute, let me ride your back daddy just for a minute", then I'm angry and scold him,"I said NO!! Why you are so stubborn!! I don't have a time to play!", then he is crying and run to his mommy.
Suddenly I feel very sorry to him, but I'm too exciting with the party.

At the office, my friend take his son to the office,his son is very funny and very cute, and then I play with him for a while, later his son asked me to ride my back, he is so funny and then I let him ride my back for a while. I'm so happy to see my friend's son happy. And then the office time is starting and I start to work. I'm just can wait the day at the party.

Finally, the saturday is come, I'm so excited. Before going to the office, my wife asked me to buy a supper tonight, I refused her and I said to her, I can't buy you a supper, just take the money in the drawer to buy a supper ok? I have a party with my friend today and then I leave her and go to the office.

And then the party time is come, we all are so excited, my friend taking his family in the party too. And we all have fun in that night, I treat them for a supper just to make them happy to make them happy with me. And we have many fun that night. All of my friend is very happy with me...I'm not going home that day and spending my night with them.

In the morning, I come home, today I'm not working because it is a sunday. I'm coming home, and finding my house is empty. And I found a note that say "Daddy, mommy and me are going to a market tonight, and we will make you a nice breakfast and a beautiful cake for you daddy, because this is your birthday and daddy, please let me have a ride on your back tomorrow ok? love you, mommy and me"

I'm so hungry that morning, And I try to find a breakfast and a cake and I'm so excited too because it is my birthday today. But all I don't find anything, even my son and my wife is not at home. I'm taking a shower and wait for them. It's been a hour, and they're haven't go home yet. Three hours later, there is no signs for them again, I'm starting to get worried, and finally my neighbour come to my house with sudden and with a sad face and angry face he said,"Where have you been?!!! I called you many times, but I found your phone is inactive!! Don't you know what's happening here?!" I'm confused and I ask him,"What happen?!","You are really a bad husband and really a bad father!! you left your wife and son without a supper, you know your wife never go out to buy a supper, yesterday your wife and your son went to the shopping mall, but there was an accident to them, they are crushed by a dumptruck!!"

"What!!? where are they right now?",I'm shocked,"You are too late! they are gone now...when they are in a hospital, I called you many times but where have you been?"...I'm shocked and I asked my neighbour to go away...

Suddenly my tears coming out and I scream a lot,"Nooooooooo.........I killed them!", I read the note again and I can't believe it......I just can cry that day and depressed..

There is just a short illustration that a father neglect his family for his own sake. There's many cases in this world nowaday, that many peoples choose to have fun with other people than his own family. Even the bad thing is there is a people is like to make other people family happy and other son happy but his family is neglected. Like the example above, the father is giving a back ride for other son, but not to his son.

Sometimes we are very kind to the other people, we are very friendly to other people, and we put a smile to every people but when we go home, we put a sour face and feel unhappy. And we feel very tired and want to go to sleep quickly. When our children is asking us to play, we often refuse them.

The question is, are you one of them? Are you prefer to choose other people than your family? are you treat other people well more than your family?

Whatever happen, you must know that family is the best. If we have a very good friend, but you must know the one who we can trust 100% is our family, family never harm us, but sometimes our friend can take advantage from us.

I'm not feel to well today, if I write something you understand, forgive me :)
A simple word, please treat your family well if you are a husband, a wife, a kid, a grandfather or grandmother, treat your family well..

God bless you all of my friend...

FAMILY is number one

Do you love your beloved one enough?

How to raise my salary ?

Are you working as employee ? if you do, do you think you have done enough this far? :)
Okay, no more chit-chat, let's go to the topic How to raise my salary? the answer is Do More

Nowaday, Working is a must number one important thing in the world. Everybody need to work to earn some money to feed themselves or their family. Without a work, it is very hard to survive nowaday. Everybody need money, the needs is growing and increasing rapidly. Buy a food, clothes, mobile phone, computer, laptop, house, car, drink, even now toilet needs to pay. Everything need money now. And thanks GOD, the air I breath is free, what do you think if we must pay for the air to breath? Oh my God -.-

So working is very important, the question is, did you have a good career now? what is your position now in the office? what is your achievement in the office? are you happy in this office? or maybe when you are reading this, because you are bored in the office and finding something to read to reduce your bored? :)

What do you think, are your salary is suit to your job that you did?
SALARY, the thing that people motivation in working. Many peoples work for salary, and they spend their 8 hours a day to earn the salary. And the most cases in the company is that the employee always ask for a raise. Yes, many peoples expect to have a raise, yeah me too :)

When I'm in company, I asked once to my boss to raise my salary. Then the boss said,"What do you do that you deserve a raise,what made you think that you must have a raise?" this question stab to my heart. I asked myself what did I do to this company? Many peoples will think, I did a great job, I finished my job quickly and fast, and I do a very neat job, no mistake for many years. We often think we need a raise because we show our best performance. But you are totally wrong if you think fo this. Let's think about it, this is the boss side view :)

- I finished my job very fast and quick so I need a raise
* The boss said "Yes, that is what you are paid for, Do you think I will pay you if you finish your job slowly?"
- I finished my job with no mistake for many years so I need a raise
* The boss said,"Yes, ow yes that's good, so you did your work properly, Do you think I will paid you for making a mistake in your job?"
- I made the company profit, so I need a raise
* The boss said,"Yes, it is good, If the company loss even bankrupt, how can I pay your salary?"

Above is some of the examples, sometimes people just look what they did is good, but it's not guarantee that the boss feel your job is good. If we want to success, we must do more than what we can do. Sometimes, we need a sacrifice in our job (I don't said that we sacrifice our life hehe) a sacrifice I meant is, money, time, energy...Sometimes we think we have do more than we can do, this is what you think about but not the boss.

If we want to have a raise, we must do more and more, more than what we can do. I have a testimony in do more. I was an ordinary staff in a Software Education House, and actually I'm a programmer. So the first day I start my job, I was very exciting and I have a big spirit in finishing all of my work quickly and fast. Three months later, I think I must have a raised. So I asked the boss to raise my salary. The boss said,"Show me more what can you do"

More? I think in my mind. The first I said to myself,"What? I have did a marvelous job for three months, but what did the boss think about?" So I keep seeking what will I do. Someday my boss give me a very short deadline to finish the work. The first time, I work as a team with my other friend. Each friend have his own role and job and the time is calculated well.

Finally, the Deadline is about three days, but suddenly my friend got ill, I'm very confuse that
my friend job hasn't finished yet but the task must complete before the deadline. Oh God, I said to myself, what should I do? In that day, I make a quick decision, and I decide to do all my friend job to replace him. And I decide to take the overtime. I know, I will not catch up even I take the overtime, because I must go home too.

So, I think I must not going home, and then I decide to work overtime in the office, that day, I work and work and I stay at the office while all of the people have gone home. The time is ticking up and it showed 10.00Pm and then I decided to sleep in the office. But that day I'm not sleeping, I try hard to finish the job all by myself, at last I'm not taking a sleep that day, but the result is very amazing, GOD help me too that day, all of the work is finished. And I'm so happy. Not just that when I'm not sleeping, I'm not going home, I start working again in the morning (but I have brush my teeth and take a bath in the office)

All of my effort is not meaningless, many peoples praise me about my effort. And then my boss know what I did and he is very happy to see my effort. I'm very sleepy that day, but I keep working because it is my responsible.

The next month, I was surprised, because my boss said to me,"You are not just get a raised, but you get a promotion, I have seen your effort, no one want to do that kind of crazy thing, working without sleep and this is your award I give to you, a promotion"
I'm so happy, all of I did is do more than I can do usually. Actually if we are an employee, We don't need to ask for raise, because the boss himself will see what we do, if we did a great job, our boss too will very appreciate us, sometimes the boss will scare to lose us..

Nowaday, too many spoiled peoples in this world, many people just want to be served well, but don't want to serve others well. You are not one of them, aren't you? so from now on, Do more ! even your boss don't show any reaction, just keep do more, it is worth to you, trust me your boss will notice you and give you a special reward :)

If I can do it, so you can do it too...Hopefully my experience is useful for you

Love and regards,

Godd Bless you

The Lonely Parent

This story is the old story, but it still worth to read :)

Apple Tree

A long time ago, there was a huge apple tree. A little boy loved to come and play around it everyday. He climbed to the tree top, ate the apples, took a nap under the shadow...
He loved the tree and the tree loved to play with him.

Time went by... the little boy had grown up and he no longer played around the tree everyday.
One day, the boy came back to the tree and he looked sad. "Come and play with me," the tree asked the boy. "I am no longer a kid, I don't play around trees anymore."
The boy replied, "I want toys. I need money to buy them."

"Sorry, but I don't have money... but you can pick all my apples and sell them. So, you will have money." The boy was so excited. He grabbed all the apples on the tree and left happily. The boy never came back after he picked the apples. The tree was sad.

One day, the boy returned and the tree was so excited. "Come and play with me" the tree said. "I don't have time to play. I have to work for my family. We need a house for shelter. Can you help me?" "Sorry, but don't have a house. But you can chop off my branches to build your house." So the boy cut all the branches of the tree and left happily. The tree was glad to see him happy but the boy never came back since then. The tree was again lonely and sad.

One hot summer day, the boy returned and the tree was delighted. "Come and play with me!" the tree said."I am sad and getting old. I want to go sailing to relax myself. Can you give me a boat?""Use my truck to build your boat. You can sail far away and be happy." So the boy cut the tree truck to make a boat. He went sailing and never showed up for a long time.

Finally, the boy returned after he left for so many years. "Sorry, my boy. But I don't have anything for you anymore. No more apples for you... "the tree said.

"I don't have teeth to bite" the boy replied.
"No more truck for you to climb on"
"I am too old for that now" the boy said.
"I really can't give you anything ... the only thing left is my dying roots" the tree said with tears.
"I don't need much now, just a place to rest. I am tired after all these years." The boy replied."Good! Old tree roots is the best place to lean on and rest. Come, Come sit down with me and rest." The boy sat down and the tree was glad and smiled with tears.......

This is a story of everyone. The tree is our parent. When we were young, we loved to play with Mom and Dad...When we grown up, we left them... only came to them when we need something or when we are in trouble. No matter what, parents will always be there and give everything they could to make you happy. You may think the boy is cruel to the tree but that's how all of us are treating our parent.

Please love your Dad and Mom, maybe they are very lonely now and waiting for you to talk to them

GOD bless you

Please stop Baby Abortion !!

In this day, there are so many child abortion cases in this world, please spread this video to every people in this world to show how much a baby is precious in the world..
Hopefully can help :)

Short Poem made by me for all peoples for loving their baby

a second when I know I'm in Mommy stomach, I smile
a second when I know I will breath the outside air , I smile
a second when I know I will meet my parent soon, I smile
a second when I know I will play with my Daddy, I smile

a second when I heard Mommy laugh, I laugh
a second when I heard Daddy laugh, I laugh
a second when I heard Mommy talking to me, I laugh
a second when I heard Daddy whispering to me, I laugh

but someday

a second when I know Mommy sad, I cry
a second when I know Daddy angry, I cry
a second when I know they are fighting, I cry
a second when I know they cry, I cry

a second when I know Mommy will leave me, I cry
a second when I know Daddy don't want me, I cry
a second when I know they want to throw me, I cry
a second when I know they sick of me, I cry

then I said,

Mommy, Daddy,
Don't leave me,
Don't throw me,
Don't kill me,
Don't abort me.

I promise to you, Daddy Mommy .

I will be a good child for you
I will be a good child to make you proud
I will be a good child to make you laugh
I will be a good child to comfort you when you are fighting.

I will show Mommy and Daddy,

That I will be a number one in school,
That I am a very obedient child in the world,
That I will make a rainbow to brighten your day,
That I will be a moon to make you have a nice sleep.

I promise, you will not regret to have me,
Please don't leave me,
Please don't throw me,
Please don't abort me,
Please Love me...

God said, I have a mission in this world,
To make Mommy and Daddy happy in this world,
I love you Mommy and Daddy,
Please don't abort me.

from : your baby who can't wait to cheer your day

(by : Teddytrump)

Watch this, how much adorable they are here...

Dedicated to all parents and all boys and girls,
A baby has a right to live, don't because your selfish decision, you abort your baby...
Please, don't you want to see their smile?
Don't you want to hear their beauty voice?
Don't you want to see how funny they are?
Please, don't give up on your baby...He is precious...

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Your Word can heal sick people

One day michael is just 3 years old and he expect to have a little sister. When he knew the baby was a girl, he is so happy and very excited. Everyday he touch his mommy stomach and sing for his sister, " You are my sunshine,you are my sunshine,you make me happy, when stars are grey"
He sing everyday for his little sister although his sister is in the stomach.

Finally, the baby is born. But the baby is in the critical condition because of complication. Little michael is waiting at home, he is thinking why his mother and his little sister haven't arrived at home yet.

A few days later, doctor tell his mother that her baby can't live for a long time. And the mother decide to take michael to ICU room to see his little sister before she died. His mother know this is against the ICU rule, but she know she must do that.

And then she take michael into the ICU room and let michael to stand beside his little sister. Suddenly the nurse saw michael and then she yell at michael,"Children is prohibited to enter this room!" But before they drag him out, little michael sing to his little sister,"You are my sunshine, you are my sunshine. You make me happy,when stars are grey,you never know dear, how much I love you,please don't take my sunshine away..."

Suddenly, the baby become calm, and her heartbeat is become slower that at first is very fast. The nurse is looking what is happening to the baby and then she said,"little child, whatever you want to do, just keep doing it"

Michael continue to sing for his little sister and everyday she become better and better and finally she is recover totally. Because of little Michael using appreciation words to his little sister to bless her and because that appreciation words, the little baby gain a great spirit to live because she want to see her brother and playing with him.

Yes, appreciation words, not just Michael, we too must using it too. In this day, many peoples have a broken heart, a broken home, sad, unhappy. We must always use the appreciation word to show how we respect the people and maybe we can brighten their days.

This world is cooler than before and love is decreasing dramatically in this world nowaday, now let's spread the love more to the world. And let's try to give people more appreciation words because in our word there is a power to change the world and to change people life :)

Hope that this story can be useful for you :)

Love and regards,


We are same as cow,monkey,dog aren't we?

In many times ago, GOD created cow,monkey, dog and human. and then God Said :

Today I created you as a cow,
you must go to the grassland,
working under the blazing sun all day,
I set your age about 50 years.

"Objection", said the cow,"My life will suffered for 50 years, I think 20 is enough, I give you back my 30 years". And then God agrees with it.

The second day, God created monkey.
"Hi monkey, you must entertain the human, I give you 20 years to live".
The monkey said to GOD,"What?! entertaining them and make them laugh? I think 10 just enough, I give You back my 10 years". Then God agrees with it.

The third day, God created dog.
"What will you do is to guard your boss home, you must bark to everyone who come closer to his house, then for that, I give you 20 years to live". and again the dog is making the objection,"Guarding the door for 20 years? No way! I give you back 10 years". Then God granted the dog wish.

the fourth day, God created human.
God say to the human,"Your job is eating, sleeping and have fun,it is your life, you will enjoy it, I give you 25 years to live", and the human making an objection too,"Enjoying my life just 25 years? that's too short my Lord.."

"Let's make a deal", the human said,"Because the cow is returned back its 30 years old, and then the dog is returned back 10 years, and the monkey for 10 years, so just give it all to me, all of that will add my age to 75 years old, how is it my Lord?" Then God grantes his wish.

The consequently

In the first 25 years, the human life is just eating, sleeping and have fun
In the next 30 years, the human living like a cow, because he must work hard everyday to feed his family.
In the next 10 years, the human must make his grandson laugh and playing a role as a monkey to entertain his grandson.
In the next 10 years again, the human must live in house, sitting in front of the door and barking too every people who pass by, Uhuk uhuk uhuk (I mean barking like a cough)...

In this short story, we see that we must use our time in a right place. If in the first year, the human is working hard, in the next 30 years he will use his time for eating, sleeping and have fun. Every decision we take have the consequent, so use your decision as good as possible..

Every second can't come back again, every second is too precious to waste. So please don't waste your time, we always hear people say, "Time is money". That's why time is very precious. Sometime if we are in school, we will feel bored and we feel we don't want to go to school again, but when we are working now after we graduated we feel we want to go back to the school because if we are adult already, we must think many things, money, family, kids, billing, and etc. But how can we say, the time will never come back :)

So use your time wisely, and don't waste it..the time is too precious to waste :)

hope this article is useful for you all my friend

GOD bless you

Super Teamwork

Can you tell me which people tell you "I don't need anyone" if you found that kind of people, please give me my address post :) maybe it can help.

In our life, we can't avoid teamwork. Teamwork is a great thing to make everything more efficient, faster, and solid. Teamwork make things more beautiful. There are many things in this world that need a teamwork so much, we can take the example : A Soccer Team, Football team, Boy Band, Choir, Organization, and many else.

Before that let's watch this video bellow, this is Voca People, a group of singer who have a very good teamwork in it, they use their pure voice only to produce a nice song, no music tools involved.

That's amazing, that is a word that is in your mind now, isn't it? yes me too, when I watch this video, I'm so amazed by them, how could they do that? the answer is "TEAMWORK" so what is inside teamwork that I want to share about ?

Teamwork is a key to achieve a goal
Yes, it is true that teamwork is a key, in a team we have a same vision, mission, and the most important thing is in a team everybody must working as a teamwork. It's like a car, if a car doesn't have a tire, or brake, or wheel, we can't reach the place we want to go. So We must work together.

In Teamwork, there is family
In a teamwork, we will achieve a goal and more than that people in the teamwork will become a great family and a great friend. Everybody will understand each other, everybody will know their role, eveybody will know their part in the job or in other thing that using a teamwork.

Teamwork make us stronger
In a teamwork, two is better than one, three is better than two, four is better than three, and so on. In Teamwork there is a strength, because everybody is motivating other, when someone getting tired or sad, or depressed, other will give him a strength, to comfort him and make him stronger. A team with a great teamwork will not break easily. Because they have a great strength.

Teamwork make us more beautiful
Do you ever mention, if we just have one hair on our head? what do you think? is it beautiful or pretty for a women ? (sorry, there is no one that I discredited, just an example) maybe it is a silly example, but the teamwork indeed make things more beautiful, we can see the voca people, how beautiful is their singing :)

In a great Teamwork there is always have a great winning
Yes, a great teamwork always win. If a team with a bad teamwork, there's no winning inside, for the example 4 from 5 people have a great teamwork, but 1 on them has a very bad teamwork, even 4 of them have a great teamwork, this 1 can destroy their own team...

Even in this blog, we have a teamwork, teamwork between the advertiser and publisher, teamwork between a blogger and a reader, teamwork between blogger and blogger. Without a teamwork, we will not get a high pagerank or a high number of visitor, Am I right? :)

Because we are a social people who needs other people to achieve our goal, so let's find new people, make more friend, doing good, help other, and make a great teamwork in this world. What do you think if this world have a great teamwork and everybody is share each other, I think a 'CRIMINAL' word will not exist in the dictionary :)

Thank you for reading, hope this is useful for you


love and regards


You are a Loser !

Have you ever been scold by someone "You are a Loser!!! Loser and Loser!" I bet every body have that experience in their lifes. In the very common example if we want to try something new in our life for the example : if we want to start a new business, if we want to grow our muscle, if we want to become a doctor, if we want to break the world record, if we want to be a supermodel, or all the things in our dream, it's very natural if other peoples will look down on us or underestimate us.

Before we continue, let's watch this inspiration video, where people is not believing in him and look down on him.

You see that every of the judge is not believing in him that he can sing a nice song, and have a very beautiful voice. Many peoples see people in their appearance, many peoples always judge by the book cover. The thing we have to do is just go on and never feel that we are a loser, just believe in yourself, because everyone have is own superhero in his body. You are your own superhero, nobody can make you success except you. Your life is in your hand not other hand, you are the one who decide to make your move, to make yourself success.

The most terrible problem is if we start to underestimate ourselves, lack of confidence, lack of courage, Hey come on guys, you are created to make this world shine! Don't waste your precious life. God never created people without a talent inside him, event a blind man can make a change to the world , for the example is Stevie Wonder, he is a blind man but he is very famous and become a great singer. So how about you if you have a perfect body? why don't you dig and find your talent?

It is not about, I don't have a talent, I never have a high school, I never have a good knowledge, I don't have money, I'm ugly, I'm not pretty and many things that make my head sick if I think about it :) all of that are excuses to ourselves. You are precious, you are a successful person, God make us to become success, it is our choice if we want to work hard to find our talent or not.

The important thing that you must never give up and if you are making a mistake in your life, don't ever blame yourself, don't ever feel you don't have the ability to do the thing. Before there is no aeroplane, do you think the Wright Brother(the maker of first aeroplane) have the feeling that human don't have the ability to fly? No, Wright Brother think that human have the ability to fly too like a bird, but how to do that? Then they try and try to dig and dig their potential and their talent and they never underestimate themselves, they are always optimistic even many peoples laugh at them, now what do you think? we can have a flight so easily right now, even if you want to meet me, you can fly to my country :)

I heard a nice word when I was a kid,
"Your life end, when you stop to believe yourself"

we must have a big confident in ourselves, and I will tell you how to become a confident people in the next post. Remember if somebody call you a loser, don't get mad or angry, just thank them and smile to them, if you do this, you will make him / her more loser than you.

A Winner is a people who have a big heart

And most of all, we must always ask GOD for HIS guidance, because all of your strength is from GOD and without HIM, you will lose...I want to tell you a few about me, I'm now in a process and test by GOD and I have my leg become paralyzed after I get my surgeon last year, now I must walking with a stick and my leg can't move normally. A year ago, I can't move my leg at all, but I just thank GOD, and I try to not to give up. Many peoples look down on me, and many peoples said that I can't recovered again. I don't want to hear what they said, I just keep my spirit up and pray to GOD to give me strength.

I keep believing myself and I build my confident not to shy or not be ashamed if people look down on me. And now I can move now but with a stick, I try to build my confident more and more and I go to the mall and walking with a stick, many peoples look at me. It's really like I'm a superstar in the mall. I know someday I will walk normally again as I keep my spirit and my strength up, I will never underestimate myself because I know I'm able..

You too guys, you must never ever to give up and never every to underestimate yourself, if I can do that , you can do it too. Keep believing that you can do anything everything. GOD created us to make change in this world. So you are not a loser, you are a WINNER :)

GOD bless you, someday I'll give my testimony to people who need a spirit.
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