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I killed my son

Watch this video first...

So what do you think? it is a sad story isn't it? Let's reflect ourself, what will we choose if this kind of situation happen to us? what's your decision?
before I post this video, I show my friend this video and I ask all of my friends, what will you choose? Many of them said, "of course I will choose my own son, I even don't know who are inside the train, I don't care for them"

But in this Film, I totally respect this man, He have 3 kinds great things inside him..


The Father is very responsible to his job, and to his son too. He try to do his job perfectly without a mistake and then he run to try to help his son.


Even in the very crisis situation, he still try won't to give up. He run and run and run risking his life to reach his son, although his son is death.


He have a good heart, he knows everybody deserve to live, he knows that every people in the train have many purposes in their life and they have a family their love, a job to do, a friend to share. If he don't care about people he will surely save his son too.


He sacrifice his son for the purpose of other people, that's not mean that he is happy to do that, he cry loudly and deeply sad. In his heart he want to say,"Look at my son that sacrifice his life for you all", nobody know what happened, people just look at him crying and hugging his son, Nobody know.

(John 3:16)For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Do you think people in this world will doing that thing nowaday? No, nobody wants to lose his son, instead of losing son, they choose to lose other people.

But there is One who can do this, and only One. He is our GOD. For the sake of people, He sacrifice His own Son, Jesus

If we sacrifice for the person we love, it is normal,but if we sacrifice for our enemies? or even the one who we hated? can we do that? GOD is the only One can do all of it...

Can we imagine, how broke is our heart if we had sacrificed our beloved one for other peoples but others just don't appreciate us, or even want to know us? When we sad, others are happy and have fun.

GOD has sacrificed HIS very treasure to us, can we sacrifice just our few times for HIM just to pray and seek for HIM?

May GOD bless You all

God loves you....if you are reading this, you must know that your lives are very precious in GOD and you are precious for GOD, don't waste your life, don't give up...when everybody look down on you or don't appreciate you, just remember there is GOD who always waiting for you and always appreciate you even one of your hair is very appreciate by HIM...

GOD loves you..


Yan D. Sasongko said...

video yang mengharukan

teddytrump said...

iya , pilih mana bro kalo jadi dia? :)

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