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You are a Loser !

Have you ever been scold by someone "You are a Loser!!! Loser and Loser!" I bet every body have that experience in their lifes. In the very common example if we want to try something new in our life for the example : if we want to start a new business, if we want to grow our muscle, if we want to become a doctor, if we want to break the world record, if we want to be a supermodel, or all the things in our dream, it's very natural if other peoples will look down on us or underestimate us.

Before we continue, let's watch this inspiration video, where people is not believing in him and look down on him.

You see that every of the judge is not believing in him that he can sing a nice song, and have a very beautiful voice. Many peoples see people in their appearance, many peoples always judge by the book cover. The thing we have to do is just go on and never feel that we are a loser, just believe in yourself, because everyone have is own superhero in his body. You are your own superhero, nobody can make you success except you. Your life is in your hand not other hand, you are the one who decide to make your move, to make yourself success.

The most terrible problem is if we start to underestimate ourselves, lack of confidence, lack of courage, Hey come on guys, you are created to make this world shine! Don't waste your precious life. God never created people without a talent inside him, event a blind man can make a change to the world , for the example is Stevie Wonder, he is a blind man but he is very famous and become a great singer. So how about you if you have a perfect body? why don't you dig and find your talent?

It is not about, I don't have a talent, I never have a high school, I never have a good knowledge, I don't have money, I'm ugly, I'm not pretty and many things that make my head sick if I think about it :) all of that are excuses to ourselves. You are precious, you are a successful person, God make us to become success, it is our choice if we want to work hard to find our talent or not.

The important thing that you must never give up and if you are making a mistake in your life, don't ever blame yourself, don't ever feel you don't have the ability to do the thing. Before there is no aeroplane, do you think the Wright Brother(the maker of first aeroplane) have the feeling that human don't have the ability to fly? No, Wright Brother think that human have the ability to fly too like a bird, but how to do that? Then they try and try to dig and dig their potential and their talent and they never underestimate themselves, they are always optimistic even many peoples laugh at them, now what do you think? we can have a flight so easily right now, even if you want to meet me, you can fly to my country :)

I heard a nice word when I was a kid,
"Your life end, when you stop to believe yourself"

we must have a big confident in ourselves, and I will tell you how to become a confident people in the next post. Remember if somebody call you a loser, don't get mad or angry, just thank them and smile to them, if you do this, you will make him / her more loser than you.

A Winner is a people who have a big heart

And most of all, we must always ask GOD for HIS guidance, because all of your strength is from GOD and without HIM, you will lose...I want to tell you a few about me, I'm now in a process and test by GOD and I have my leg become paralyzed after I get my surgeon last year, now I must walking with a stick and my leg can't move normally. A year ago, I can't move my leg at all, but I just thank GOD, and I try to not to give up. Many peoples look down on me, and many peoples said that I can't recovered again. I don't want to hear what they said, I just keep my spirit up and pray to GOD to give me strength.

I keep believing myself and I build my confident not to shy or not be ashamed if people look down on me. And now I can move now but with a stick, I try to build my confident more and more and I go to the mall and walking with a stick, many peoples look at me. It's really like I'm a superstar in the mall. I know someday I will walk normally again as I keep my spirit and my strength up, I will never underestimate myself because I know I'm able..

You too guys, you must never ever to give up and never every to underestimate yourself, if I can do that , you can do it too. Keep believing that you can do anything everything. GOD created us to make change in this world. So you are not a loser, you are a WINNER :)

GOD bless you, someday I'll give my testimony to people who need a spirit.


alkatro com said...

great motivation, impossible is nothing :)

teddytrump said...

Yep it's true , impossible is nothing :)

Ferdinand said...

Agree with U teddy, more than A Winner....

akhatam said...

Sooo Great Friend... YEs That sure imPosibble is Empty!

Imoel said...

postingan ini terlihat menarik, tapi aku kurang ngerti bahas ainggris jadi ga' mudeng dech..

teddytrump said...

Let's be a winner hehe

@imoel : do you need a translator? I'll put google translator in the future, thanks for visiting and commenting, my friend ^^

uang-online said...

I seriously love this video!!!!

Maybe you can also try to watch Susan Boyle audition in Britain got Talent. Everyone were looking down on her until she began to sing. She is totally awesome :D

p.s. btw impossible for nothing is my first post, check this one out :D

teddytrump said...

@sylvester : yeah I know Susan Boyle too, she is one of the greater human who never underestimate herself, she know she is a winner, and she truely now she will amaze every people :)

We all are the winner if we want to admit we are a winner :)

Thanks for your comment brother, I'll check your blog too :)


Anonymous said...

Great website...great thoughts...just simply amazing!!!!!!!!!

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