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Meaning of True Love

Today , when I'm cleaning my hardisk I found a video that I like very much. This video clip became popular years ago, and many of peoples using it to touch many peoples and then I'll post it again here :)

and watch this one too

Love, love, love, maybe it is a very hot topic to discuss in this world. We can see through a movie, a book , novel, even in at school, office, and many other places. Let's go to the topic about true love, do you know what is the meaning of true love ? maybe some of peoples will say, true love is when two peoples sharing their time, their life, their money, or maybe people will say true love is when two peoples are unite as one, as a wife and husband.

Love needs cares, patient, time, succumb and the most important thing is that love needs sacrifice! On the video above we see that the guy loves the girl very much and he sacrifice the very valuable things for the girl, his eyes. In this day, is there any people who can do that?
In this video we can learn something :

Don't judge people too fast
In the video, we can see that when the guy leave the girl, the girl is quickly judge the guy left him because the girl can't see again or blind, so he judged the guy is the same to the other guys that just only want to take advantage from girl.

Love needs to be pursued
In this video, we saw that the girl making her effort to pursue the guy she love. Yes, for girl, it is not too good to pursue a guy, but if a girl can make a effort without the guy knowing the girl want to pursue him, it is better than sitting silently without doing anything is more loser than doing things.

Love needs a responsible
Love needs a responsible, because love is not for fun, or not for played, in love we must responsible all the thing we do. If we love someone, we must love him/her till the end. If we don't have a responsible , please don't love people, and don't make other people loves you. Because you can hurt people heart, even you can kill his/her fortune.

Love is not accepting the plus but the minus
Do you love a guy or girl because he/she is pretty or handsome? he is white? she has a long hair and everything? If you love people by that, that's not a true love :), how about if your lover is a blind people? a deaf, a people can't speak, or maybe a people who can't walk properly? Can you love him/her if he/she have such condition, in the video, we can see that the guy show the really true love, but not the girl. Because when she know that her ex-boyfriend give her his eyes and become blind, she just stopping and not taking action to call him.

I'm very grateful because my wife can accept me even when I have a big process right now, when I can't walk properly and became paralyzed, she still loyal lo love me and take care of me. She's really my spirit in my life. And she's my true love :)

Love needs trust
What will happened if there is no trust in love? then it will become a ruined love and the love will not become a strong love. Because a trust is a shield to protect the love and the couple. If the love lack of trust and when someone is trying to destroy the relationship, it will be very easy to destroy because lack of trust.

and the last

True love is when someone willing to sacrifice his life for the one he loves
The very important point in this video is, Loves is sacrifice if we are willing to sacrifice our very precious thing for the people we love, the love is really expensive more than this world. And I think in this world there are no such people who can sacrifice his life for his beloved one but there's only one who can sacrifice his life for people who love, He is Jesus from nazareth who sacrifice his life for human that He loves :) and He is God of god..

And now the question is, for you who are in relationship or married, are you willing to sacrifice yourself for the one who loved much :) ?

Hope this article can bless you all my friend

Love you all


RCUBEs said...

You surely made great points about what love means. Unconditional love written by the Author is the best if any one can accept it and grow in it! God bless you.

Heart2Heart said...


This is a great and inspiring post! This is just another classic example of why LOVE remains the greatest gift of all and why it is also the greatest commandment from God!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Deb said...

I'm sorry to hear that you aren't well.

You are blessed to have a good wife who loves you and takes care of you.

So glad to know that you know Jesus Christ, God's Son.

I know Him, too.

Sweet dreams.

Mommyyus said...

u r gud in motivation kan? i like ur entry.

Unknown said...

LOVE is one topic that last forever, kalo kata Kerispatih Tak Lekang Oleh Waktu...
You're very blessed having someone care for you Ted... :)
Jangan disia-siakan, hargai dan cintai dia sampai memutih rambutmu, kata Franky Sihombing...
hahaha... Lagu terus nih Cen... :P

robby said...

Every minkind have different meaning about true love, For me True love is someone who always care about Us and make us believe that life is not only in the world there is Life after the death... keep posting bro....

teddytrump said...

@RUBEs : Yeah unconditional love is very difficult to do it but it is the true love and very precious one in this world :)

@Kat : HI cat, I totally agree to is a gift from GOD :D thanks a lot Kat ^^

@Deb : Thanks Deb, yeah and thanks GOD too for giving me a good wife :) and thanks to GOD too for giving many friends like you :)

@Mommyyus : hay Mom, hehe thanks for liking my entry :) hope you can blessed by reading it

@Cen : thanks a lot Cen ^^ take care for you too ^^

Thanks all for reading my post, may GOD Bless you all ^^

teddytrump said...

@Robby : thanks Rob, life after death will feel more loves than the world because in heaven we will feel a full love form GOD :)

akhatam said...

True Love is Love never Die.... That mean, never going other and keep One!

teddytrump said...

@akhatam : the other mean is "Loyal" ^^

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