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We are same as cow,monkey,dog aren't we?

In many times ago, GOD created cow,monkey, dog and human. and then God Said :

Today I created you as a cow,
you must go to the grassland,
working under the blazing sun all day,
I set your age about 50 years.

"Objection", said the cow,"My life will suffered for 50 years, I think 20 is enough, I give you back my 30 years". And then God agrees with it.

The second day, God created monkey.
"Hi monkey, you must entertain the human, I give you 20 years to live".
The monkey said to GOD,"What?! entertaining them and make them laugh? I think 10 just enough, I give You back my 10 years". Then God agrees with it.

The third day, God created dog.
"What will you do is to guard your boss home, you must bark to everyone who come closer to his house, then for that, I give you 20 years to live". and again the dog is making the objection,"Guarding the door for 20 years? No way! I give you back 10 years". Then God granted the dog wish.

the fourth day, God created human.
God say to the human,"Your job is eating, sleeping and have fun,it is your life, you will enjoy it, I give you 25 years to live", and the human making an objection too,"Enjoying my life just 25 years? that's too short my Lord.."

"Let's make a deal", the human said,"Because the cow is returned back its 30 years old, and then the dog is returned back 10 years, and the monkey for 10 years, so just give it all to me, all of that will add my age to 75 years old, how is it my Lord?" Then God grantes his wish.

The consequently

In the first 25 years, the human life is just eating, sleeping and have fun
In the next 30 years, the human living like a cow, because he must work hard everyday to feed his family.
In the next 10 years, the human must make his grandson laugh and playing a role as a monkey to entertain his grandson.
In the next 10 years again, the human must live in house, sitting in front of the door and barking too every people who pass by, Uhuk uhuk uhuk (I mean barking like a cough)...

In this short story, we see that we must use our time in a right place. If in the first year, the human is working hard, in the next 30 years he will use his time for eating, sleeping and have fun. Every decision we take have the consequent, so use your decision as good as possible..

Every second can't come back again, every second is too precious to waste. So please don't waste your time, we always hear people say, "Time is money". That's why time is very precious. Sometime if we are in school, we will feel bored and we feel we don't want to go to school again, but when we are working now after we graduated we feel we want to go back to the school because if we are adult already, we must think many things, money, family, kids, billing, and etc. But how can we say, the time will never come back :)

So use your time wisely, and don't waste it..the time is too precious to waste :)

hope this article is useful for you all my friend

GOD bless you


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