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How to raise my salary ?

Are you working as employee ? if you do, do you think you have done enough this far? :)
Okay, no more chit-chat, let's go to the topic How to raise my salary? the answer is Do More

Nowaday, Working is a must number one important thing in the world. Everybody need to work to earn some money to feed themselves or their family. Without a work, it is very hard to survive nowaday. Everybody need money, the needs is growing and increasing rapidly. Buy a food, clothes, mobile phone, computer, laptop, house, car, drink, even now toilet needs to pay. Everything need money now. And thanks GOD, the air I breath is free, what do you think if we must pay for the air to breath? Oh my God -.-

So working is very important, the question is, did you have a good career now? what is your position now in the office? what is your achievement in the office? are you happy in this office? or maybe when you are reading this, because you are bored in the office and finding something to read to reduce your bored? :)

What do you think, are your salary is suit to your job that you did?
SALARY, the thing that people motivation in working. Many peoples work for salary, and they spend their 8 hours a day to earn the salary. And the most cases in the company is that the employee always ask for a raise. Yes, many peoples expect to have a raise, yeah me too :)

When I'm in company, I asked once to my boss to raise my salary. Then the boss said,"What do you do that you deserve a raise,what made you think that you must have a raise?" this question stab to my heart. I asked myself what did I do to this company? Many peoples will think, I did a great job, I finished my job quickly and fast, and I do a very neat job, no mistake for many years. We often think we need a raise because we show our best performance. But you are totally wrong if you think fo this. Let's think about it, this is the boss side view :)

- I finished my job very fast and quick so I need a raise
* The boss said "Yes, that is what you are paid for, Do you think I will pay you if you finish your job slowly?"
- I finished my job with no mistake for many years so I need a raise
* The boss said,"Yes, ow yes that's good, so you did your work properly, Do you think I will paid you for making a mistake in your job?"
- I made the company profit, so I need a raise
* The boss said,"Yes, it is good, If the company loss even bankrupt, how can I pay your salary?"

Above is some of the examples, sometimes people just look what they did is good, but it's not guarantee that the boss feel your job is good. If we want to success, we must do more than what we can do. Sometimes, we need a sacrifice in our job (I don't said that we sacrifice our life hehe) a sacrifice I meant is, money, time, energy...Sometimes we think we have do more than we can do, this is what you think about but not the boss.

If we want to have a raise, we must do more and more, more than what we can do. I have a testimony in do more. I was an ordinary staff in a Software Education House, and actually I'm a programmer. So the first day I start my job, I was very exciting and I have a big spirit in finishing all of my work quickly and fast. Three months later, I think I must have a raised. So I asked the boss to raise my salary. The boss said,"Show me more what can you do"

More? I think in my mind. The first I said to myself,"What? I have did a marvelous job for three months, but what did the boss think about?" So I keep seeking what will I do. Someday my boss give me a very short deadline to finish the work. The first time, I work as a team with my other friend. Each friend have his own role and job and the time is calculated well.

Finally, the Deadline is about three days, but suddenly my friend got ill, I'm very confuse that
my friend job hasn't finished yet but the task must complete before the deadline. Oh God, I said to myself, what should I do? In that day, I make a quick decision, and I decide to do all my friend job to replace him. And I decide to take the overtime. I know, I will not catch up even I take the overtime, because I must go home too.

So, I think I must not going home, and then I decide to work overtime in the office, that day, I work and work and I stay at the office while all of the people have gone home. The time is ticking up and it showed 10.00Pm and then I decided to sleep in the office. But that day I'm not sleeping, I try hard to finish the job all by myself, at last I'm not taking a sleep that day, but the result is very amazing, GOD help me too that day, all of the work is finished. And I'm so happy. Not just that when I'm not sleeping, I'm not going home, I start working again in the morning (but I have brush my teeth and take a bath in the office)

All of my effort is not meaningless, many peoples praise me about my effort. And then my boss know what I did and he is very happy to see my effort. I'm very sleepy that day, but I keep working because it is my responsible.

The next month, I was surprised, because my boss said to me,"You are not just get a raised, but you get a promotion, I have seen your effort, no one want to do that kind of crazy thing, working without sleep and this is your award I give to you, a promotion"
I'm so happy, all of I did is do more than I can do usually. Actually if we are an employee, We don't need to ask for raise, because the boss himself will see what we do, if we did a great job, our boss too will very appreciate us, sometimes the boss will scare to lose us..

Nowaday, too many spoiled peoples in this world, many people just want to be served well, but don't want to serve others well. You are not one of them, aren't you? so from now on, Do more ! even your boss don't show any reaction, just keep do more, it is worth to you, trust me your boss will notice you and give you a special reward :)

If I can do it, so you can do it too...Hopefully my experience is useful for you

Love and regards,

Godd Bless you


eliana said...

thanx for share ur experience..

RCUBEs said...

Whenever I pass by Starbucks drive thru and see those tip jars or at other places, I'm thinking, they were not there before. What happened to this thing called "service" that they want immediate gratification. When I leave tips, some don't acknowledge it. It's sad. Even Jesus washed His disciples' feet. Yet He is the King of kings and Lord of lords. May the Lord bless you more.

Ferdinand said...

Annyonghaseyo Teddy ssi......

aku pake B.indo aja yach, eum setuju klo kamu bisa ya orang lain pasti bisa.....

Emank kerja tuh penting bgt, klo aku kayanya ga termasuk karyawan deh kerjaanku Graphic Design kayanya bener juga tuh makin kerjaan kita bener boss'y juga segan mecat kita hhe sm kaya aku masih ada aja yg nyari tuk design tertentu hhe......

untung Tuhan ngasih nafas'y gratisan kaya blogger haha....

Sukses buat Kerjaan kamu yach......
met Hari Minggu.....GBU Teddy....

alkatro com said...

great tips. thanks. keep spirit :)

Dg Ndr Mstkln said...

i'm not yet working, but someday this will b useful 4 me. =)

teddytrump said...

@eliana : you're welcome :)
@RCubes : the world is spoiling my friend :) God bless you more too
@Ferdinand : hoho...yep yep..the boss will very sad if he fired the employee who's very productive in the office..Very Agree that blogger is free haha... Success for you too Fer...GBU Fer...
@Jiox : you're welcome :) keep your spirit up too..
@dg : Yeah, before you are working, prepare yourself for this very challenge world :)

akhatam said...

I'm student.. yeah maybe!! but I'm still try to get a better for work... hahahha. and the most important thing is, I am still confused to think about it

Rizkyzone said...

g ada kotak google translitenya yah sob, soalnya aq kan g bisa bhsa inggris atuh

teddytrump said...

@akhatam : haha, focus on your study first, and prepare yourself to go into the working world :)

Rizky2009 : okay, be right there :p

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