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I disappoint my family

Riiiiinnnnnnggg... The lunch time bell in the office is ringing, and it is a time for lunch. Finally it's the lunch time I think, I want to get a rest for a minute and have a chat with my friend. Then I'm going out to my friends and we go to have a lunch at a nearer restaurant. In a middle of lunch, my friend asking,"Let's go to have a party every saturday, what do you think?", then I'm thinking,"'s a great idea, because every saturday I don't have thing to do", then I agreed to them and then we have a great plan to have a party every saturday.

After we finish the lunch, we go back to the office with laugh and with a full of stomach. We all are very exciting to think about the party that will held every saturday. And then I work with a big spirit. Finally I'm finish my job, and my friends again ask me to go to the Karaoke to have a party again, and I agreed it again...At the karaoke room, we all have fun and we drink a beer, at last I'm drunk and then finally I go home.

At home with a drunk condition, with a very smelly body, my wife asked me,"Where have you been? You are drunk? have you buy a supper for us?", that time I was too drunk to answer and then I'm going to bed quickly. That's the first time my wife and my son didn't have a supper that day. Then my wife cook a fried rice for our son.

A next day, when I'm awake, my son asking me,"Daddy, how about going to the zoo this saturday", I remember that I have a party with my friend this saturday and I said,"Sorry my son, Daddy have many works this saturday, next saturday ok?", "But daddy, I want this saturday because I miss to play with you so much daddy, please daddy".
I said,"Daddy is busy","ok then, play with me now daddy, come on daddy, just a minute, let me ride your back daddy just for a minute", then I'm angry and scold him,"I said NO!! Why you are so stubborn!! I don't have a time to play!", then he is crying and run to his mommy.
Suddenly I feel very sorry to him, but I'm too exciting with the party.

At the office, my friend take his son to the office,his son is very funny and very cute, and then I play with him for a while, later his son asked me to ride my back, he is so funny and then I let him ride my back for a while. I'm so happy to see my friend's son happy. And then the office time is starting and I start to work. I'm just can wait the day at the party.

Finally, the saturday is come, I'm so excited. Before going to the office, my wife asked me to buy a supper tonight, I refused her and I said to her, I can't buy you a supper, just take the money in the drawer to buy a supper ok? I have a party with my friend today and then I leave her and go to the office.

And then the party time is come, we all are so excited, my friend taking his family in the party too. And we all have fun in that night, I treat them for a supper just to make them happy to make them happy with me. And we have many fun that night. All of my friend is very happy with me...I'm not going home that day and spending my night with them.

In the morning, I come home, today I'm not working because it is a sunday. I'm coming home, and finding my house is empty. And I found a note that say "Daddy, mommy and me are going to a market tonight, and we will make you a nice breakfast and a beautiful cake for you daddy, because this is your birthday and daddy, please let me have a ride on your back tomorrow ok? love you, mommy and me"

I'm so hungry that morning, And I try to find a breakfast and a cake and I'm so excited too because it is my birthday today. But all I don't find anything, even my son and my wife is not at home. I'm taking a shower and wait for them. It's been a hour, and they're haven't go home yet. Three hours later, there is no signs for them again, I'm starting to get worried, and finally my neighbour come to my house with sudden and with a sad face and angry face he said,"Where have you been?!!! I called you many times, but I found your phone is inactive!! Don't you know what's happening here?!" I'm confused and I ask him,"What happen?!","You are really a bad husband and really a bad father!! you left your wife and son without a supper, you know your wife never go out to buy a supper, yesterday your wife and your son went to the shopping mall, but there was an accident to them, they are crushed by a dumptruck!!"

"What!!? where are they right now?",I'm shocked,"You are too late! they are gone now...when they are in a hospital, I called you many times but where have you been?"...I'm shocked and I asked my neighbour to go away...

Suddenly my tears coming out and I scream a lot,"Nooooooooo.........I killed them!", I read the note again and I can't believe it......I just can cry that day and depressed..

There is just a short illustration that a father neglect his family for his own sake. There's many cases in this world nowaday, that many peoples choose to have fun with other people than his own family. Even the bad thing is there is a people is like to make other people family happy and other son happy but his family is neglected. Like the example above, the father is giving a back ride for other son, but not to his son.

Sometimes we are very kind to the other people, we are very friendly to other people, and we put a smile to every people but when we go home, we put a sour face and feel unhappy. And we feel very tired and want to go to sleep quickly. When our children is asking us to play, we often refuse them.

The question is, are you one of them? Are you prefer to choose other people than your family? are you treat other people well more than your family?

Whatever happen, you must know that family is the best. If we have a very good friend, but you must know the one who we can trust 100% is our family, family never harm us, but sometimes our friend can take advantage from us.

I'm not feel to well today, if I write something you understand, forgive me :)
A simple word, please treat your family well if you are a husband, a wife, a kid, a grandfather or grandmother, treat your family well..

God bless you all of my friend...

FAMILY is number one

Do you love your beloved one enough?


Mommyyus said...

i'm... i'm crying!!! i knew must be sumthing happen to his wife n son.. I love my family! Family first. Thanks sharing this great story..huaaaaa...

freedownloadfont said...

hello! how are you?
warm greeting for your family 0_0

Dg Ndr Mstkln said...

i'm speechless... T__T

teddytrump said...

@Mommyyus : Family is the first important thing! only family that we can believe :) you're welcome...
@freedownloadfont : hello , Fine here, how are you too? :) thanks for visiting
@dg : same here T_T

Ferdinand said...

Y..I luv My Family.....pokoknya mereka yang kedua aku sayang abiz Tuhan hhe.....

mixedfresh said...

what a sad story, this is good lesson, do not ever let our family down, they are everything and most important in our life

akhatam said...

hhahha... soo Bad life.. hhahha.I hope your family is always in the shelter of Almighty God! Keep blogging

teddytrump said...

mixedfresh : hope this story can bless your family and all of the people you love :)

akhatam : Thanks so much, GOD will put your family in HIS grace too, and may GOD bless you all :)

Blogger said...

visiting here, how are you my friend?
haha..nice post, good job

Rizkyzone said...

sob postingan mu kok g bisa d translite kenapa yah, intinya indonesia g bisa d tranlite ke indonesia

teddytrump said...

@Bunglon : thank you bro ^^ visit here again ok?

@Rizky2009 : ha? indonesia bagaimana bisa ke indonesia, inggris ke indonesia kan? :)
tadi saya coba bisa kok :) ada pilihan translate di sudut kanan atas kan? pilih aja indonesia

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