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Super Teamwork

Can you tell me which people tell you "I don't need anyone" if you found that kind of people, please give me my address post :) maybe it can help.

In our life, we can't avoid teamwork. Teamwork is a great thing to make everything more efficient, faster, and solid. Teamwork make things more beautiful. There are many things in this world that need a teamwork so much, we can take the example : A Soccer Team, Football team, Boy Band, Choir, Organization, and many else.

Before that let's watch this video bellow, this is Voca People, a group of singer who have a very good teamwork in it, they use their pure voice only to produce a nice song, no music tools involved.

That's amazing, that is a word that is in your mind now, isn't it? yes me too, when I watch this video, I'm so amazed by them, how could they do that? the answer is "TEAMWORK" so what is inside teamwork that I want to share about ?

Teamwork is a key to achieve a goal
Yes, it is true that teamwork is a key, in a team we have a same vision, mission, and the most important thing is in a team everybody must working as a teamwork. It's like a car, if a car doesn't have a tire, or brake, or wheel, we can't reach the place we want to go. So We must work together.

In Teamwork, there is family
In a teamwork, we will achieve a goal and more than that people in the teamwork will become a great family and a great friend. Everybody will understand each other, everybody will know their role, eveybody will know their part in the job or in other thing that using a teamwork.

Teamwork make us stronger
In a teamwork, two is better than one, three is better than two, four is better than three, and so on. In Teamwork there is a strength, because everybody is motivating other, when someone getting tired or sad, or depressed, other will give him a strength, to comfort him and make him stronger. A team with a great teamwork will not break easily. Because they have a great strength.

Teamwork make us more beautiful
Do you ever mention, if we just have one hair on our head? what do you think? is it beautiful or pretty for a women ? (sorry, there is no one that I discredited, just an example) maybe it is a silly example, but the teamwork indeed make things more beautiful, we can see the voca people, how beautiful is their singing :)

In a great Teamwork there is always have a great winning
Yes, a great teamwork always win. If a team with a bad teamwork, there's no winning inside, for the example 4 from 5 people have a great teamwork, but 1 on them has a very bad teamwork, even 4 of them have a great teamwork, this 1 can destroy their own team...

Even in this blog, we have a teamwork, teamwork between the advertiser and publisher, teamwork between a blogger and a reader, teamwork between blogger and blogger. Without a teamwork, we will not get a high pagerank or a high number of visitor, Am I right? :)

Because we are a social people who needs other people to achieve our goal, so let's find new people, make more friend, doing good, help other, and make a great teamwork in this world. What do you think if this world have a great teamwork and everybody is share each other, I think a 'CRIMINAL' word will not exist in the dictionary :)

Thank you for reading, hope this is useful for you


love and regards



Blogger said...

visiting here..
how are you my friend?
nice useful!

Ferdinand said...

Ya teamwork Very important in every field.....

wingkobabat said...

I like this one .. :)

teddytrump said...

@bunglon : hi thanks you :)
@Ferdinand : yo bro, let's do a more teamwork together :p
@wingkobabat: thanks for liking this post :)

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