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Regret and Depressed!

There's 6 type of regret

Regret for a Hour
Pick a wrong bus, then the bus taking us to the place we don't know and we are lost, and then we are very regret to pick a bus. But after 1 hour our heart is calm down already

Regret for a Week
When we want to cook a fried rice, we forget to turn off the rice cooker, the rice have turned to porridge now. Then our husband come home and scold us because the dinner just a porridge.

Regret for a Month
Pick a wrong haircut, this make us regret for 1 month and make us shy in front us (especially for women) but after a month, a bad hair cut can't be seen again.

Regret for a year
Failed to go to the next grade, this is truely a deep regret. But after a year hardwork then we go to the next grade and the regret is gone.

Regret for a lifetime
If we married a wrong person, this is the most of big truely regret. Because a marriage just one in a lifetime if we don't want to divorce.

Maybe you read that before, but I will add something in this article. A failure is a GOD tool to tell us,"Hey, you took a wrong route". We never have a hard muscle if we don't go to the gym or lifting a heavy burden. Our life is a challenge for us and it won't always go up but it's too won't always go down. A life is like a sea, which have a big storm and have a very good weather. But like I said our life is like a sea, than life is never flat.

Many peoples will have a sorrow time, a depressed time, a sad time but don't worry we too have a happy time, enjoy moment, funny moment. It's depend to us, how we see the problem as a challenge or a great experience. A success people is a people who are always hold on whenever he have a big problem and he will always say to the problem, "Hey Big problem, I have a Big GOD" and a success people is never give up to himself or condition. Many peoples give up when their condition is too heavy for him. but A success people is not a people who don't have a depressed time, they do have a depressed time and a failure time but they are always look for the positive side and they know that they walk in a false route then they will quickly back to the true route.

Regret is not a choice in our life, we can't deny that choice. Why must we regret ? it just waste our time, why don't we use the regret time to do a useful thing? Try to motivate ourself,"Failure is nothing, because failure is to get everything"

And the most important is we must always thank GOD for whatever condition happened to us. Every peoples deserve to live, every people deserve for success, remember you are your superhero, it is only yourself can change your life,nobody else.

Trust yourself and be a number one because you are your own superhero and tell yourself,"I'm my superhero"

GOD bless you, hope this article can help you and motivate you :)


Heart2Heart said...


Once again, great post! We just have to remember whenever we are facing those storms of life, God is right there the whole time with us and will bring us through it. He always does. He never fails.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

teddytrump said...

Yes, it is true Kat, GOD is always with us, sometimes HE just keep silent when we have a big storm, He want to see, how big is our faith to HIM. Yes, He never Fails..

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