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Smile Smile Smile, Is that too hard?

Before you read this, please smile with a big wide smile :D

Hey come on, let's smile :D

It's to hard for you to smile? come let's do it again

say cheeeeeeessseeeeee :D

hmmmm.....I don't see a smile again...

Hey come on guys, it's not too hard to smile

let's do it again.....

Smileeeeeeeeeee , peeacceeeeee :D

hmmmm....why you are not smiling again :)

okay let me give you this

Now I can see your smile now hehe :)

It's that fun to have a smile in ourself ? Did you ever to think that this world is lack of smile ? The world is too busy to smile, too busy to laugh, too busy to have fun. Actually smile is very easy to do, and in the health research, smile is very good and can effect our age. People who smile a lot have a healthy life than the people who lack of smile.

Sometimes people is too arogant to smile, when peoples are walking on the street, people always walking with a sour face, there's no smile on their face. Even when they are looking to each other face to face, each of them is too arogant to throw a smile..

Peoples are put their dignity too high, even for the couple. When one of them is annoyed and one of them is making a joke to him, he will not smile even the joke is very funny that's because their dignity is too high. What's the purpose for that? it just lead them to break their relationship.

Why a smile can make us healtier because when we are stress, sad, annoyed, angry, our body produce a substance that can poison our body that's why people who stress, sad many times is die faster. And if we are smile, our body produce a substance that can kill a bactery, virus or bad cell in our body

What is the purpose from the smile ?

A Smile can make us healthier
Like I wrote above, a smile can make us healthier and to help us stay young (i remember a song which title is forever young haha)

A Smile can make our day pass faster
Do you ever feel very bored when you are at the office, school, or wherever? If that so, then you lack of smile at there? Am I right? Then when you talk and chat to your friend and always smile and laugh, do you feel that the day is very fast to past? If you feel it so you are smiling everytime :)

A Smile is the start from the relationship
Yes the smile is the start from the relationship? Do you think that a sour face and the angry face can make peoples adore you? or like you or loves you? no way :) Smile is the first step to start a realtionship. When we introduction each one of us, we use smile..What do you think an introduction with a smile is more effective than not with a smile? :)

A Smile even can save people from disease
Even with a smile we can help people who is in the hospital, with a smile on your face, people will very happy and will smile to you too. Remember what I wrote above? :) This why in a hospital, nurses are been taught to smile to the patient frequently.

A Smile can raise up the spirit
A smile can raise up people who have lost everything , broken heart, even the people who want to have a suicide, with a smile to the people, it show them that there's still people who care to him/her. This can help their spirit to continue the life.

Even A Smile can help you pass a job interview
Funny is it? yes, A smile can help us to pass a job interview, because it is a plus to us if we have a smile and the boss will like us too than an employee with a sour face.

A Smile is the key to start the day with a success day
Do you ever to have an experience, when you are get up from the bed, and you feel very lazy, you feel very bored, and you feel that you want only holiday that day? And then you brush your teeth, but you run out the toothpaste, and then you go out from the bathroom and you slip yourself and you fall down, and then when you go to the work, there's suddenly a rain and you forget to take the umbrella, what do you feel that day? you feel very angry and a very bad mood, and it will continue a long day. So how to avoid this, SMILE! when you get up, have a smile first, even you run out the toothpaste, just smile and enjoy, and even you fall down, just enjoy and smile, then try to compare which day is happier?

Imagine if this world is full of smile and happiness, there will be no sad, tears, angry, even criminal..I'm waiting for that day come, and I know that day will come :) so guys, if you are reading this, let's the day from now to smile often :D A little smile from you can bring joy to the world, pass the smile to everyone you meet and everyone you know... let's make the world that fill with a full smile ^^

Don't worry people will say you crazy because you smile often, because I'm always smile in my office and always happy, even when I have a big problem, I try to be happy and smile and suddenly the problem is very easy to pass.

Let's start a SMILE DAY today, do you agree?


GOD bless you all forever ^^

love , Ted


RCUBEs said...

I think it's what lies deep inside that may be the reason why someone will smile or not. Great reminder to have a positive outlook no matter what goes around us. Just smile!!! Blessings.

Unknown said...

Smile biar dunia lebih cerah :)

Awan said...


i've smile..

lets do it again,,


haha, nice post, sob,
i've follow u n put your link in my blog,

dont forget to backlink, yeah..
n follow too..

Heart2Heart said...


What a great video to get people to smile. Loved it. It also is a great work out for our faces as it takes more muscles to make us smile than to frown. Want younger looking skin, smile more!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Ferdinand said...

I'am alreday Smile Everyday,
ga ada alasan untuk ga senyum atas hari yang udah dikasih setiap hari ke kita hhe.....

Klo burung aja bisa nyanyi tuk bersyukur knp kita ga bisa senyum tuk ikut bersyukur hhe iya Ga??

Oiya met ibadah Kwan.....GBU....

Mocha Momma said...

Nice to meet you & thanks for visiting my blog.

I enjoyed your inspirational post on giving a smile as often as possible.

You're right about all of it, a smile goes a long way.

Have great week,

Blogger said...

come with smile for u my friend....
good job, succesful!

teddytrump said...

@RCUBEs : Yeah think positive and always smile, even Jesus always show HIS smile ^^

@rich : Do you have a smile today ? ^^

@Kat : Yeah, Smile often make us happy and health and reduce stress ^^
@Awan : hello Wan, I have been on your blog, you are so funny :D please make peoples smile more :)
@Ferdinand : Hahhaa....Very good points! I like your statement

@Mocha Momma : Hai there Mom...nice to meet you too ^^ hope you can be blessed by this article

@Bunglon : Smile for you ^^

God bless you all ^^

Tanya Gratisan said...

ah hrus di translate dlu nih...
yang penting hadapi semua dengan Smyle.... Karena senyummu harimau mu...

Mommyyus said... while u still have a teeth. Hehehheehe...

teddytrump said...

@tanya gratisan : haha keep smiling :D

@Mommyyus : people who doesn't have teeth must smile too haha

Oby Syam said...
ehhehe banyak banget keyword smilenya



salam kenal
dari blogger abnromal

Oby Syam said...
ehhehe banyak banget keyword smilenya



salam kenal
dari blogger abnromal

AD1N said...

smile for healthy bro....:)

akhatam said...

Hmmm yeahh indeed soo Good if we keep Smiling.. but if nothing and we keep Smiling, That is Crazy??? hhahhaha.. Lol.. Just Kidding..

eliana said...

hey superhero..

am very happy to read this post..
u know what..u right, when i have some big problems then it just make me un happy and always on bad mood. now am gonna start all of my days with SMILE on my face then i can enjoy my beautiful life..

thanks for share this great information..keep in touch then by your great story..
hv a nc day, my dear friend..superhero

Rizkyzone said...

aq g bisa lihat vidionya sob, inet q lagi putus nyambung

mixedfresh said...

okey before coment let's smile first :) i agree with you my friend, sometimes people with dignity too high hard to smile with other, i don't know perhaps they have a black teeth and it makes they shy to smile, hahaha...

JUMP! said...

smile.. smile.. smile.. and make a better world! :)

teddytrump said...

Hello all guys, sorry to have a late reply because I was very busy for these four deays ^^

Oby : hi oby nice to meet you, glad to have new friends everyday ^^ please keep in touch and let's be more creative and smiling hoho... Abnormal blogger greeting yeah... :p

Adin : hi adin, yeah smile often make body healthier

Akhatam : haha, if there's nothing and we smile it is okay, but if there's nothing and we are laugh loudly, we must check our brain to a doctor haha

Eliana : hi there eli, it's nice to know that you are happy to read my post, it makes me more spirit to write a post like this ^^ keep smiling more, smile is like a sun on the morning, if the sun rise up, it will bright all the place. If we smile we will bright our day even other people ^^ greeting there superhero ^^
Rizky : what provider did you use bro?

Mixedfresh : haha, agree with you, maybe they have a blackteeth with many spider hanging on their teeth haha

Jump : yeah , jump jump jump and smile and bright the world hoho

Thanks all for visiting ^^
May God bless you all with full of blessing

Stefanie said...

Nice post. I dont know why some people are very arrogant and rarely smile.

Smile is the cheapest way to be young and healthy. Keep smiling :D :D :D

Btw, salam kenal :)

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