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Got awards from my friends

Hey there sorry for the late post, I'm being busy in my past week... so today I'll post my award here :)

Thanks to my friends for giving me this awards





before that , I must finish my tag first :)

1. Do you like to paint?
- Yep, I like it, but I don't have a skill to paint, because if I paint a cow, I got a horse :p
2. What are you doing when you are getting bored?
- The important thing I will not hanging on the three :D
3. Why the snail walk slowly?
- It's the waste of time to analyze the snail walking Lol

4. How old is your blog?
- hmmm...My blog is a new baby born :D

5. From when you know about blogging ?
- Hmmm...very long time , but I just starting this year

6. Why did you interest in blogging?
- Because I want to share to everybody how fun is life, and how challenging is this life, and if I can, I want to motivate and inspire all of my friend and looking for friends

7. What is the plus minus from your blog
- Hmmm... don't know too... maybe you can give me a critic or suggestion please :)

8. I would like to give back this award to 5 of my blogger friends :)
- they are :

1. Yanconx
2. Muzzy
3. imoel
4. intan
5. Dittow

hehe done...i'm sorry if I don't follow the rule , because I'm not quite understand :p


muzzy musthofa said...

award yang mana nich yang di kasihkan ke aq kawan? btw hari ini bersyukur banget nich..... 1 hari dapat 2 award....... semoga Anda sehat selalu kawan..... lagi sibuk banget ya? moga makin sukses aja deh

teddytrump said...

@muzzy : ambil mana yang suka :p iya neh lagi sibuk banget hihi..

Ferdinand said...

Wah selamat atas semua Award'y Sob.......semoga tambah sukses blog'y......Wah ada yg dari aku tuh hhe.......

sebelumnya maaf aku baru mampir gy disini gy banyak kerjaan kmaren2 hhe.........

Sukses slalu Sob.....

Heart2Heart said...


Congratulations on these very beautiful and blessed awards. Enjoy blessing others with them.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

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