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You are Lazy !?

"Lazy" the most famous word that always following our lifes, if we ask everybody about "Lazy" 90% people will say that they facing a Lazy problem.

When you wake up in the mornink, your body will feel very tired that make you don't want to get up and just want to continue to sleep, and our mind will say "let me have some minutes beforer I wake up" and when the time comes, we still want to sleep again and then we will think "just a minute" do you one of this people? If you are smiling when reading this then you are the one hehe...don't get too serious :p

Okay back to the topic. We human have a very funny and unique character, and this character can make us very comfortable and beside that this character can kill us too. It's like a two side blade and this character is named "Lazy" this Lazy character is already come to our life since we were a kid.

Success or not success is depend to how big our lazy is and how big our discipline is. If our Lazy is bigger than our discipline then our success is far from our life. Human is very unique, if we have a dream, we will chase it with a big will and spirit, and we chase it, but when it takes a long time to get it then we will become lazy and lazy and finally the dream is missing from our life.

This is some illustration : when the first time, I want to have a good shape body, so we go to the gym everyday to build my body. For the first time i go everyday and everyday without a day miss. Suddenly there is my friend invite me to have a vacation for a week. Then I agree to go vacation with him. A vacation day arrive and I enjoy it very much for a week. Finally I'm home again, when my friend asking me to go to the gym, suddenly I feel very lazy and I said to him,"maybe tomorrow" and when tomorry comes, I'm too lazy and then I stop my gym. Do you ever have this experience similar to me? If you smile then you did :) (I bet you will say to your heart "I will not smile again if he ask me again) hehe...

Then how to face this lazy thing? There are many theories in book, internet, but I will give my opinion based on my experience :

Do it right now, do not delay.
The more times we have in our task, the higher is the risk to become lazy. The lazy things come because we delay our task, the more we delay, the more we grow our lazy in our mind. We will always think the task can be done by tomorrow and then we delay it in repetion. We don't realize that we are planting a lazy seed in our mind and then when the lazy seed born to a baby lazy, he will stay into your mind and it will be very difficult to kill it. Congratulation you have a baby, a baby lazy :)

Focus, stay on track
If we have something task to do, try to focus it 100%, don't let something steal your focus. I bet we all have a same experience about this next illustration: when we decided to read the bible or other books, comic, emmm nope nope, an education book is more suitable in this illustration. When we study the book, there must be many whispers to our head to tell us to playing games, clubbing, sleeping, watching television and etc. If we don't keep our focus, we will going to that entertainment things and forget our study, this entertainment will soon make us lazy and lazy. So whenever we doing something, keep focus and stay on it.

Don't underestimate everything
When we underestimate something, we will start to think the thing easily to be done and we will often delay our work and our task. We think we will finish the ask in no time and then we delay the work. After a long time we will become lazy to do the work and always think that the task will be done in no time,but when the deadline is near, we will have a difficult time to finish it because we must struggle with our laziness and struggle to the time. So don't underestimate everything.

Strict to yourself
Human often like to spoil himself, if we spoil ourselves too much then it is a boomerang to ourselves, when we spoil ourselves too much, we are hardly to get a better achievement to ourselves. Remember there is a sentence that tell us that ourselves is the worst enemy to us. In defeating the world , we must defeating ourselves first. Strict to ourselves, if we do something then do it immedietly and with haste, don't spoil ourselves. If you do it right then you won't realize that you are building your discipline in yourself and this will be a big weapon to us to achieve the success and avoid lazy.

Don't be a day dreaming, but day action
Everybody have their own dream. It is good to have a big dream because in dream there is a power so many peoples or articles always talk about "Power of Dream". But we must be aware, because many because dream without action just become a dream only. More often people who have a big dream but without action will become a lazy person, because he will keep dreaming and planning without action.

A success people in this world such as "Wright brother who have a dream to fly in the air" have a big dream but they aren't just a dreamer but they do the action, not just action but a repeat action and now we can all enjoy the flight with aeroplane because of them.

That's all the point how to avoid lazy. Actually lazy is our best friend, but we must use it in a right time. Someday we want to get rest, that's not a mistake, but remember not to get lazy too long in our rest or our vacation, because it can be a monster who chain yourself and you can't move because of it. We must keep ourself discipline everytime and don't let lazy get you.

So now, what are you today? Lazy or not? Let's share about your experience to me :)

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Anonymous said...

teddddddd............ngeblog nih ye

teddytrump said...

Iyo :) but who are you? hehe

Anonymous said...

thank u very much. its been a very useful experience for my lovely brother..he is smiling and saying will have a discovery mind. cheers!

teddytrump said...

you're welcome, it's nice to hear that this blog useful for you

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