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HOT Quiz

On that picture above, where will you pick ? LOL, the story is like this "when you were thrown to a small island and there is no one to help you and you have two choice to pick, and you must pick one, do you want to pick a mermaid to spend your life with or a fish with a human bottom?"

Now what's your choice?
do you want to pick a mermaid or a fish with a human bottom..please give your comment guys?

What do you think guys? If I have to choose, I have a difficult choice too, if I pick a fish, I can have a child from it, and as a man I can have a nice comfort (close the fish with a box first and enjoy the bottom LOL)

If I pick a mermaid, I can't have a normal men sex, but I can chat to her and I can spend a day with her.

So which one will you pick? it will describe your character :)

Regret and Depressed!

There's 6 type of regret

Regret for a Hour
Pick a wrong bus, then the bus taking us to the place we don't know and we are lost, and then we are very regret to pick a bus. But after 1 hour our heart is calm down already

Regret for a Week
When we want to cook a fried rice, we forget to turn off the rice cooker, the rice have turned to porridge now. Then our husband come home and scold us because the dinner just a porridge.

Regret for a Month
Pick a wrong haircut, this make us regret for 1 month and make us shy in front us (especially for women) but after a month, a bad hair cut can't be seen again.

Regret for a year
Failed to go to the next grade, this is truely a deep regret. But after a year hardwork then we go to the next grade and the regret is gone.

Regret for a lifetime
If we married a wrong person, this is the most of big truely regret. Because a marriage just one in a lifetime if we don't want to divorce.

Maybe you read that before, but I will add something in this article. A failure is a GOD tool to tell us,"Hey, you took a wrong route". We never have a hard muscle if we don't go to the gym or lifting a heavy burden. Our life is a challenge for us and it won't always go up but it's too won't always go down. A life is like a sea, which have a big storm and have a very good weather. But like I said our life is like a sea, than life is never flat.

Many peoples will have a sorrow time, a depressed time, a sad time but don't worry we too have a happy time, enjoy moment, funny moment. It's depend to us, how we see the problem as a challenge or a great experience. A success people is a people who are always hold on whenever he have a big problem and he will always say to the problem, "Hey Big problem, I have a Big GOD" and a success people is never give up to himself or condition. Many peoples give up when their condition is too heavy for him. but A success people is not a people who don't have a depressed time, they do have a depressed time and a failure time but they are always look for the positive side and they know that they walk in a false route then they will quickly back to the true route.

Regret is not a choice in our life, we can't deny that choice. Why must we regret ? it just waste our time, why don't we use the regret time to do a useful thing? Try to motivate ourself,"Failure is nothing, because failure is to get everything"

And the most important is we must always thank GOD for whatever condition happened to us. Every peoples deserve to live, every people deserve for success, remember you are your superhero, it is only yourself can change your life,nobody else.

Trust yourself and be a number one because you are your own superhero and tell yourself,"I'm my superhero"

GOD bless you, hope this article can help you and motivate you :)

A Miracle Testimony From The Passion of the Christ Actor

A Miracle Testimony From The Passion of the Christ Actor

Jim Caviezel is a Hollywood actor who casting Jesus Christ in "The Passion of Jesus Christ" movie. This is the testimony, Jim Caviezel is an ordinary actor with a small cast in many films. His best cast he have before The Passion is a collosal movie with the title "The Thin Red Line". In the movie he just have a small cast with many big actor in that film.In 'Thin Red Line', Jim play a role as a soldier who sacrifies for helping his injured friend and surrounded by the enemy, he run to lure the enemy to the other direction. Although he knows that he will die, and finally the enemy surrounded him and kill him. His charisma, friendly, and willing to sacrifice is interested by Mel Gibson who searching the right actor to play his movie that he long planned to.I was suprised that someday I received a script as a main character in a big movie. I never play in a big movie moreover as a main character. But the thing that make me more suprised is when I know my role. Come on, He is God, who can know what is inside HIS mind and how can I play as HIM? They must be kidding. Tomorrow morning, I got a call, "Hello, this is Mel", I answered him ,"Who's Mel?", I ask..
And I don't know that he is Mel Gibson,who is one of the greatest actor and director. Then Mel ask me to meet him and I agree him. When we meet, Mel explain about the movie, a movie about Jesus Christ with a different sequel from the other movie. And Mel said that it will be very difficult to cast this movie, one of the difficult thing is I must learn a very natural language and dialogue which used in that time. And Mel look with me and said that this is maybe a biggest risk for me to face. Because if you play this movie, maybe this is the end of your career become a Hollywood actor. Being a normal human, I'm scare with this risk. It is true that every actor who take a role as Jesus in Hollywood will not being used again in other movies. Plus,this film will be hated by a group of peoples who have a big influence in Hollywood movies. In a silence Mel waiting for my decision if I want to cast the film or not. Then I ask Mel, why he choose me for this role? Is it my initial name is similar with Jesus Christ (Jim Caviezel)? And my age is 33 years old now which is the age of Jesus when He is being crucified?

Mel is very suprised, and he is shocked, and he think this is very scary in sudden. Mel don't know about that or he didn't noticed it. He pick me because my movie In "Thin Red Line"

Ok, Mel, I think this not a coincident. This is my calling from God,every people must lift their cross. If he don't want to lift his cross, he will be destroyed by the cross. I take the risk, let's make this movie!

Then I join this project. In preparing the character for many months, I keep asking to myself,"can I do it?"
Hesitation following me upon the time. What is a Son of God think about, feel, and done. That question keep me confuse because it is so many references about Him in different view.

Finally I know what would I do, like Jesus did, Jesus pray more and I do it. And ask for His guidance to do all of this because I think who is me that can cast as Him who is almighty. In my past, I'm not in a close relation with God although I am from a catholic family who have a good habit and a good catholic. I'm just an ordinary guy who play a basketball in a high school league and university, and I have a dream to become a great NBA player. But an angkle injury stop my career as a basketball player. I was dissapointed to God because the injury, it likes that everything in my life is over and destroy. And then I try my luck in casting the movie. A very small role take me to a hope that the art of casting possibly can be the path of my life. I then learn more about casting in academy of art of cast. And now I'm really at the top of my career. It is true Lord, You planned it all and take me until here. You choosen me from my career in basketball and guide me to become an actor and take me until this point. Because You have choosen me. Then whatever it happen, Your will be done.

I don't imagine that this movie challenge is more difficult than I thought. Everyday I have been make-up for 8 hours without move and must stay standing, I'm the people who never sit. It's really pain to watch the other crew sit down enjoying their drink. An uncomfortabe rough costume make me itchy that made me so depressed.

The Cross is made as similar as the real one that was lift by Jesus that time. When they put the cross to my shoulder, I'm shocked and I shout loudly in pain, but they think it is my acting and it was a great acting. They don't know that i'm really shocked. The cross is too heavy, it is impossible for ordinary people to lift it, but I try with my best.

But what happen later when I try to walk, my shoulder is broken, then my body was struck down by that very heavy cross. And then I cried loudly and I'm asking for help. And Again all of the crews think that acting is really fantastic, they don't know that I'm in real accident. When I'm starting to mock, curse and almost passed out because I can't hold the great pain, they surprised and they realize what is happening. Then they quickly help me to have a paramedic to care.

I feel like a satan because I'm mocked and cursed like that, but I'm just an ordinary people who can't hold it. When I'm in rehabilitation, Mel come to me. He asked me if I want to continue in this movie? He said that He is really understand if I decline to continue the movie.

I said to Mel, I don't know the cross that Jesus lift is as heavy as this and as pain as this. But Jesus want to lift HIS cross for me, so I will embarrassed if I don't lift it even a just a small part, let's continue this movie.

After that event occured, they replace the cross with the small one so my shoulder will not broken again, and repeat the scene again. So the cross that people watch is smaller than the original one.

In the next part is the very scary part, even for the audience and for me, that is a scene where Jesus is being whipped. I'm shaking to face that scene, because the whip is a real one and my back is just protected by 3cm board.

While the Soldier of Rome start to whip, the whip hit the side of my body that isn't protected by the board. I'm very shocked and deeply in pain and I scream loudly , and rolling on the ground and scolding the people who mocked me. All of the crew is surprised and then surrounding me to give me help. But in a the most difficult scene and almost failed in taking is the scene where Jesus is being crucified. The location of the take is at a very cold Italy, it is very cold like a winter, and all of the crew must use a very thick mantle to keep their body warm. But I must naked and hung on the cross, on the tallest hill there. The win blowing to my body like a thousand of knife hitting my body. I'm in hypothermia and my all body is in paralyzed, and I can't control my mouth from shivering. They must stop the taking because my life is in bet.

All of the pressure, challenge, and incident and disease make me very depressed. The Scene is taking me to my human limit. In every scene, all of the crew just watching and waiting for me to my human limit, when I can't go on again, they stop the scene. This all take me to my physical limit and my soul limit as a human. I'm almost crazy and I can't hold on all of that. So everytime I must go to a place far form the taking place to pray. Just to pray, and shout to the Lord if I can't go on again, asked HIM to give me a strength to continue all of this. I can't, I still can't imagine how Jesus through this all alone, how in great pain is HIM, He's not just died, but He got a very long great pain, physically and soul.

And the last event that is a miracle in making this movie is when I was hanging on the cross. When that time, the location is dark and going to have a storm, a chain lightning is above us. But Mel doesn't stop the taking, because this type of weather is the perfect one. I'm very scared when I'm on the cross, beside that, we are in the highest hill, and I'm the highest object to struck by the thunder. Just a second I think that I want to get down because I'm afraid of the thunder, a very great pain hit me with a great light and a great loud sound. And I lost my conscious.

Then I know many peoples calling my name loudly, and when I opened my eyes, all of the crew surrounding me and shout loudly, "He alives, look he alives!!!"

"What happened?" I asked. They tell me that a thunder strucked me above the cross, so they get me down. And my body turn to black scorched, and my hair is smokey, and turned into a Don King hair model. It was really a miracle that I can survived from that thunder.

When I think and reflect all of that, many times I asked,"GOD, do you really want this movie to be made? why that so many difficult things happened? do you want this movie stopped?" But I keep go on, we must finish what we have done when that thing is right, we must keep move on. All of that is a test for our faith, to make us close to HIM, and to make our faith stronger in the next test.

Peoples ask me how's my feeling when I play Jesus role? Oh that's very amazing, and very exciting, I can't tell it by words. Along the taking of this movie, there's a strong GOD presence surrounding us all, it feels like GOD is standing there and being a director or GOD was inside me to play His own role.

That's an untold experience. Every people who involved in this film have a experience with GOD and changing in his life, with no exception. One of the people who cast the soldier of Rome who whipped me is a Muslim, from that scene, he cried and he accepted Jesus for his Saviour. That scene is very touching him. It's incredible. From the first they just come because their profession and job, for money. But in that experience, it changes us all, it is an unforgettable moment.

And God is so kind, although the movie become a controversion. But the prediction that my career will be end is not proved. God blessing keep flowing to my job as an actor.

I hope they who watching the Passion of Jesus Christ is not focusing in me for the actor. I'm just an ordinary people who work as an actor, and then don't link me in the other movie with my role in Passion of Christ and become dissapointed. But look at Jesus, because only Jesus not the other. After that movie, praying is my daily activity that cannot leave in myself. That movie has change my life. I hope this will happen to your life too



Super Page Rank Secret

t = V1 + v2, How to increase traffic and popularity quickly and naturally.

When you read the title of this post you may be confused, what is the formula t = vi + v2, and what is the relationship with traffic link, this is also happening with me when I first read one of my friend’s post, but when I read it I understand his posting finally and I found that the formula t = V1 + v2 is also make sense, please read this post up so that you will be more understanding.

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What is t = V1 + t2 ...?
t: Number of traffic that will be you get on your web in a day
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I killed my son

Watch this video first...

So what do you think? it is a sad story isn't it? Let's reflect ourself, what will we choose if this kind of situation happen to us? what's your decision?
before I post this video, I show my friend this video and I ask all of my friends, what will you choose? Many of them said, "of course I will choose my own son, I even don't know who are inside the train, I don't care for them"

But in this Film, I totally respect this man, He have 3 kinds great things inside him..


The Father is very responsible to his job, and to his son too. He try to do his job perfectly without a mistake and then he run to try to help his son.


Even in the very crisis situation, he still try won't to give up. He run and run and run risking his life to reach his son, although his son is death.


He have a good heart, he knows everybody deserve to live, he knows that every people in the train have many purposes in their life and they have a family their love, a job to do, a friend to share. If he don't care about people he will surely save his son too.


He sacrifice his son for the purpose of other people, that's not mean that he is happy to do that, he cry loudly and deeply sad. In his heart he want to say,"Look at my son that sacrifice his life for you all", nobody know what happened, people just look at him crying and hugging his son, Nobody know.

(John 3:16)For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Do you think people in this world will doing that thing nowaday? No, nobody wants to lose his son, instead of losing son, they choose to lose other people.

But there is One who can do this, and only One. He is our GOD. For the sake of people, He sacrifice His own Son, Jesus

If we sacrifice for the person we love, it is normal,but if we sacrifice for our enemies? or even the one who we hated? can we do that? GOD is the only One can do all of it...

Can we imagine, how broke is our heart if we had sacrificed our beloved one for other peoples but others just don't appreciate us, or even want to know us? When we sad, others are happy and have fun.

GOD has sacrificed HIS very treasure to us, can we sacrifice just our few times for HIM just to pray and seek for HIM?

May GOD bless You all

God loves you....if you are reading this, you must know that your lives are very precious in GOD and you are precious for GOD, don't waste your life, don't give up...when everybody look down on you or don't appreciate you, just remember there is GOD who always waiting for you and always appreciate you even one of your hair is very appreciate by HIM...

GOD loves you..

Mommy, I want to bath with you

Dewi is my friend. She is a university student with a great intelligence and great idealism. Since in the university, her character and her concept is clear : "To get the best in academic and in her career"."Why not to be the best?", this is the word that is always heard from her mouth which she pick from a former of American President.

When in the university, Dewi is the one who participate in International Law Study in Utrect-Holland which sent by her university to there. After finishing her university, Dewi get her soulmate who is in a same level to her, two of them have a good achievement although they have a different job. Then they get married and they have a son who named Bayu,

their first son. Bayu born when Dewi get promoted to Diplomat Staff, it is the time exactly when her husband get a PhD title. Then they have a very complete happiness in their family.

When Bayu is 6 months old, Dewi is going busier and busier, like a bird who fly everytime from town to town, from country to country. For her friend, I ever asked him something,"Won't you care about Bayu that he is to young to be left by his mother everytime?" Dewi answered,"I have anticipated everytime perfectly, Everything is Ok! Don't worry everything is under control!", That was how she said with a high confident.

She really proved her word. Her son is take care by a very professional and the most expensive baby sitter. Dewi just control her son through the phone. Finally Bayu grow up to a very energetic son, smart and understanding.

His grandmother and grandfather always give their proudly grandchild abundant of spirit about how great is his mother and father. About the PhD title, and about travelling, and an abundant money. "You must like your parents, if you are adult later, be a man like your mother", his grandmother said to him everytime the end of the fairy tale before sleep.

And when bayu is 5 years old, his grandmother tell Dewi that Bayu asked for a sister or a brother so he can play with him if he feel alone at home.

Dewi suprised with her son unexpected request, Dewi and his husband then ask for their son understanding. Their busy time make them not possible to give him a little brother or sister. Again this little boy want to understand his parent.
With proud Dewi tell to Bayu that he is a great boy because he never whine to ask for a brother or sister again. Bayu have her mom legacy in him who isn't a whinner and very stand alone. Even his two parents always come home late, he seldom whine or angry but he is always welcoming their parents when they came home with joy and happiness. That's why Dewi is always call him "my little angel". It is really a happy family I think. Even his two parents is a very busy, bayu still grow up with joy from his parent. Silently, I become very jealous to this family.

One day, when Dewi is preparing to go to the office, suddenly Bayu is refusing to be bath by his baby sitter. "I want mommy and me to take shower together", Said him, "Please Mom, please Mom, come on Mom", with a high hope he ask his mother with a compassion. Then Dewi get very angry because she don't have time for that, because she had counted her time correctly. Then She refuse to fulfil her son request. Her husband too try to persuade his son to go to bath with his babby sitter. And again, bayu with very understanding hearing his parents word although with an unhappy face

This happens repeatly until a week. "Mom, please take me shower, come on mom, just this time mom....please......?". But Dewi still refuse to shower with him, they think maybe bayu is starting to enter the school so he wants more attention. Then Bayu with sadly face going to bath with his baby sitter.

Finaly until one day, Dewi is suprised by the call from her baby sitter,"Mam, today Bayu got sick and a high fever and he got convulsions. Now he is under checked in Emergency Room".

When Dewi accept the call, Dewi is celebrating her new office in other town. Then she quickly go back to her town, after arrived in her town, she moves quickly to the emergency room".

But....she is late, too late for her. God have another plan. Bayu, the little angel, has gone with GOD... Dewi is heavily shocked. After she arrives at home, one of her desire is to bath her son. A few days ago, Dewi promised her son to get shower together with Bayu if she don't have a very important work. And this evening, Dewi fulfil her promise to Bayu although after her little angel's body lying rigid.

When many neighbors come to mourn, they hear Dewi cries to her son,"This is your Mom, Son....I will take you bath today alright honey?.....finally I fulfil my promise to you son....this time mommy will accompany don't have to sad don't have to cry again, my baby, mommy miss you, do you hear me Son? where's your smile? where's your smile that always shown to mommy? i want to see your smile now, smile, smile, smileeee!!!" many of neighbors can't hold their cries.

When it's time to bury the little angel, many peoples just stand up silently to see at his coffin..Dewi try to stay strong and said to her friends,"This is a faith, isn't it? it's the same, if we are beside him or we are on abroad, if GOD call him, he must go, isn't it?" I just can stand silently beside her. It looks like Dewi is not sad with the gone of her son and she looks like she don't need others to encourage her.

Her husband too, just can't stand up silently with a pale face and a tremble lips that can't hold his tear starting to wet his cheek. Then Dewi said again,"This is a consequence of choice!", she try to be strong.

Then suddenly, Dewi kneeling down and hugging his son coffin and she start to scream, "I'm sorry son, forgive your mom, my baby, forgive me son...forgive me son....", she scream and she knock her head on the ground, and she cry loudly with a loud scream...."I'm sorry baby, i'm sorry baby...why you leave me baby? why? forgive me my son, I don't even have any time to play with you, forgive me, mommy is very sorry"

Now the little angel has gone, until he gone, he never feel how is the feel of showered by his mother because his parent feel that there is something more important than this.

Nice has become porridge, sorry in the future time is useless now. Hope that in this story, we as a parent don't feel that we are great and takes other thing to become more priority than our son.

FAMILY is Number one all above everything before GOD

Love your family...

God bless you all

Do you love your beloved one enough ?


In Ancient Greek, the famous Socrates have a well known knowledge and very honored by many peoples.

One day, his friend visit him and said to him, "Do you know what did I heard about your friend?"

Socrates answer him "Hold a second, before you tell me anything, let me give you a simple test. This test is called Triple Filter Test"

"Triple Filter Test", answered his friend.

"Yes, it's true" Said Socrates. "Before you tell me about my friend, I think it is good if we take some times and filtering what will you talking about. That's why it is called Triple Filter Test."

The first Filter is "TRUTH"
"Are you really sure the thing you want to tell me is truely true?"

"No", answered his friend, "Actually I just heard it from others".

"Okay," Said Socrates. "So you are not sure about it? All right, now I will give you a second filter. The Second filter is called 'KINDNESS'. Is the thing you will said about my friend is a good thing?"

"No, it is a bad thing"

Then Socrates said,"So, you will tell me something bad about my friend, but you are not sure that thing is right? You still have one more chance because there is still a last filter, it is USEFULL''. Is the thing you will tell me about my friend are USEFULL for me and other peoples?"

"No, not at all", answered his friend.

Socrates said,"So, if you want to say something that is not necessarily true, bad and useless at all, why you must tell it to me?"

That's why Socrates is a great philosopher and very famouse and honorable. Guys in our life, we must use this Triple filter test too everytime we hear from others about our friend and our beloved one and don't get to fast to believe what others people said, because in this world there more people who talk a negative word than a positive word. So trust your buddy and your beloved one, they will not harm you because they love you too.

Have a nice day :)

World's easiest question

Before scrolling down the answer, try to answer the question yourself, you just need 3 correct answer to prove that you are a genius.. Ready?? Gooo...

1) How long did the Hundred Years' War last ?

2) Which country makes Panama hats ?

3) From which animal do we get cat gut ?

4) In which month do Russians celebrate the October Revolution ?

5) What is a camel's hair brush made of ?

6) The Canary Islands in the Pacific are named after what animal ?

7) What was King George VI's first name ?

8) What color is a purple finch ?

9) Where are Chinese gooseberries from ?

10) What is the color of the black box in a commercial airplane ?

 Remember, you need only 3 correct answers to pass.

Check your answers below.. ANSWERS 
1) How long did the Hundred Years War last ?
116 years

2) Which country makes Panama hats ?
3) From which animal do we get cat gut ?
Sheep and Horses
4) In which month do Russians celebrate the October Revolution ?
5) What is a camel's hair brush made of ?
Squirrel fur
6) The Canary Islands in the Pacific are named after what animal ?
7) What was King George VI's first name ?
8) What color is a purple finch ?
9) Where are Chinese gooseberries from ?
New Zealand
10) What is the color of the black box in a commercial airplane ?
Orange (of course!) 

What do you mean, you failed?!! Me, too...!!! (And if you try to tell me you passed, you lie!) Pass this on to some "brilliant" friends, so that they may feel useless too! Share this link to your friends :)

You are Lazy !?

"Lazy" the most famous word that always following our lifes, if we ask everybody about "Lazy" 90% people will say that they facing a Lazy problem.

When you wake up in the mornink, your body will feel very tired that make you don't want to get up and just want to continue to sleep, and our mind will say "let me have some minutes beforer I wake up" and when the time comes, we still want to sleep again and then we will think "just a minute" do you one of this people? If you are smiling when reading this then you are the one hehe...don't get too serious :p

Okay back to the topic. We human have a very funny and unique character, and this character can make us very comfortable and beside that this character can kill us too. It's like a two side blade and this character is named "Lazy" this Lazy character is already come to our life since we were a kid.

Success or not success is depend to how big our lazy is and how big our discipline is. If our Lazy is bigger than our discipline then our success is far from our life. Human is very unique, if we have a dream, we will chase it with a big will and spirit, and we chase it, but when it takes a long time to get it then we will become lazy and lazy and finally the dream is missing from our life.

This is some illustration : when the first time, I want to have a good shape body, so we go to the gym everyday to build my body. For the first time i go everyday and everyday without a day miss. Suddenly there is my friend invite me to have a vacation for a week. Then I agree to go vacation with him. A vacation day arrive and I enjoy it very much for a week. Finally I'm home again, when my friend asking me to go to the gym, suddenly I feel very lazy and I said to him,"maybe tomorrow" and when tomorry comes, I'm too lazy and then I stop my gym. Do you ever have this experience similar to me? If you smile then you did :) (I bet you will say to your heart "I will not smile again if he ask me again) hehe...

Then how to face this lazy thing? There are many theories in book, internet, but I will give my opinion based on my experience :

Do it right now, do not delay.
The more times we have in our task, the higher is the risk to become lazy. The lazy things come because we delay our task, the more we delay, the more we grow our lazy in our mind. We will always think the task can be done by tomorrow and then we delay it in repetion. We don't realize that we are planting a lazy seed in our mind and then when the lazy seed born to a baby lazy, he will stay into your mind and it will be very difficult to kill it. Congratulation you have a baby, a baby lazy :)

Focus, stay on track
If we have something task to do, try to focus it 100%, don't let something steal your focus. I bet we all have a same experience about this next illustration: when we decided to read the bible or other books, comic, emmm nope nope, an education book is more suitable in this illustration. When we study the book, there must be many whispers to our head to tell us to playing games, clubbing, sleeping, watching television and etc. If we don't keep our focus, we will going to that entertainment things and forget our study, this entertainment will soon make us lazy and lazy. So whenever we doing something, keep focus and stay on it.

Don't underestimate everything
When we underestimate something, we will start to think the thing easily to be done and we will often delay our work and our task. We think we will finish the ask in no time and then we delay the work. After a long time we will become lazy to do the work and always think that the task will be done in no time,but when the deadline is near, we will have a difficult time to finish it because we must struggle with our laziness and struggle to the time. So don't underestimate everything.

Strict to yourself
Human often like to spoil himself, if we spoil ourselves too much then it is a boomerang to ourselves, when we spoil ourselves too much, we are hardly to get a better achievement to ourselves. Remember there is a sentence that tell us that ourselves is the worst enemy to us. In defeating the world , we must defeating ourselves first. Strict to ourselves, if we do something then do it immedietly and with haste, don't spoil ourselves. If you do it right then you won't realize that you are building your discipline in yourself and this will be a big weapon to us to achieve the success and avoid lazy.

Don't be a day dreaming, but day action
Everybody have their own dream. It is good to have a big dream because in dream there is a power so many peoples or articles always talk about "Power of Dream". But we must be aware, because many because dream without action just become a dream only. More often people who have a big dream but without action will become a lazy person, because he will keep dreaming and planning without action.

A success people in this world such as "Wright brother who have a dream to fly in the air" have a big dream but they aren't just a dreamer but they do the action, not just action but a repeat action and now we can all enjoy the flight with aeroplane because of them.

That's all the point how to avoid lazy. Actually lazy is our best friend, but we must use it in a right time. Someday we want to get rest, that's not a mistake, but remember not to get lazy too long in our rest or our vacation, because it can be a monster who chain yourself and you can't move because of it. We must keep ourself discipline everytime and don't let lazy get you.

So now, what are you today? Lazy or not? Let's share about your experience to me :)

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Learning from mistake is a human strength

"Making mistake is a human weakness but learning from mistake is a human strength"

In this world there is no human who like to make a mistake in his life. We always expect everything in our life to be right in many aspects. We always expect everything to be perfect. As the example : if we want to get a job, we want to have a job with a big salary, with many facilites, bonuses, comfortable environment.

If we work at the office, our boss expect the job without a mistake. This thing sometimes make us fear to do other things offered to us because we fear to make a mistake. Sometimes mistake can make us desperate or trauma in doing things.
It make us miss many opportunities in our life.

Mistake make us fear to step forward so there is no any improvement further in our career, life or everything. For the example in love case, there is a woman who trust her boy very much. She gave everything for her boy. She always trust him in her deeper heart. And she think he is the only one in her heart. But someday her boy cheated on her and they are arguing, the boy then leave her with another girl. This thing make her very frustated and very down and very trauma and her heart is broken.

In the next day and day, she always get sad and she promised that she doesn't want to have a boy again because she fear to make a second time mistake again. Time passed by and she getting old and she still fear to make a mistake and finally she gets old and she died without having husband and child. This simple example tell us how she doesn't want to change his mindset to let the pass go by and learn from the mistake.

Many peoples doesn't realize that mistake make us stronger, make us become a new man. Thomas Alpha Edison make a thousand mistakes in his life and he invented a lamp. Every success people always have many mistakes but they don't fear to make a mistake but they learn from the mistake. They try and try and try. Many peoples always see the negative side in mistake, they don't realize that there is a thing to learn. Sometimes mistake is the only way to success.

Human is not a perfect creature but from the things(mistakes etc) around human can be a perfect creature. Many peoples lose their chance in career because they fear to do a mistake. Many peoples fear to try again in their failed career, they don't realize sometimes the second try is the time he will success and he lose his chance because he fear of mistake. Other example is a boy that fear to make a mistake in confessing his feeling to a girl, he fear to make a mistake in talking to the girl and fear to be rejected, beside that the girl is waiting him to confess to her. But the boy is to fear to make a mistake because he have been rejected by many girls in many times. Finally the girl have a boy and the boy leaved in desperation.

We must realize, we can't not run from mistake, we can't hide from mistake, human always make a mistake, there is a gift from God. That is a weakness in human, but we often don't realize that we are given by God a strength too beside the weakness, there is a will to learn from a mistake and become a strong man.

So from now on, let's not fear to make a mistake in positive way. I don't tell you always to make a mistake hehe...but don't fear if we can make a mistake someday, because we can learn many things from mistake. Human is a unique creature and a very gifted creature. Learn from mistake and be a very successful people :)

"Making mistake is a human weakness but learning from mistake is a human strength"

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Discipline: The Path to Potential

He may have been the most naturally gifted baseball player of all time. He was clocked rounding the bases in an incredible 13 seconds. Yet, his speed was nothing compared to the power of his hitting. It's been said there were home run hitters, and then there was this man - in a league of his own. The Guinness Book of World Records credits him with hitting the longest home run ever measured, at 643 feet.

The player I'm describing is the great Mickey Mantle. By the age of 19 he had been called up to play for the New York Yankees. He won a World Series his rookie year, and his teams would capture seven championships over the course of his career. By the time he retired, Mantle had played more games as a Yankee than any other player, and had been named MVP of the American League three times. He still holds the all-time World Series records for home runs, runs scored, and runs batted in.

Yet, in spite of his impressive accomplishments, experts believe Mickey Mantle never reached his potential. Most blame Mantle's chronic knee injuries for preventing him from doing more. But injuries weren't the root of the problem. What most people didn't know was that Mantle was a raging alcoholic.

At age 62, with his health and family life a mess, Mantle checked into the Betty Ford Clinic and started the long road to sobriety. Looking back from this vantage point, he assessed his career:

I never fulfilled what my dad had wanted [to be the greatest player who ever lived], and I should have. God gave me a great body to play with, and I didn't take care of it. And I blame a lot of it on alcohol.
Everybody tries to make the excuse that injuries shortened my career. Truth is, after I'd had a knee operation the doctors would give me rehab work to do, but I wouldn't do it. I'd be out drinking... I hurt my knees through the years, and I just thought they'd naturally come back. Everything has always come natural to me. I didn't work hard at it.

Despite his great natural talent, Mickey Mantle never disciplined himself off the field. By the time Mantle was ready to change, it was too late. His liver was ruined from a life of alcoholism, and he died at age 64 from inoperable cancer.

Four Truths about Discipline

What were you born to do? What is your dream? To become the person you have the potential to be, you have to cultivate a life of discipline. Consider these truths concerning discipline:

Discipline Comes with a Price Tag

Discipline is costly. It demands a continual investment of time, energy, and commitment at the expense of momentary pleasure and ease. Discipline means paying hours of practice to win the prize of skill. Discipline means giving up short-term benefits for the hope of future gain. Discipline means pressing on to excellence long after everyone else has settled for average.

Discipline Turns Talent to Greatness

When you read about someone like Mickey Mantle, you realize that too much talent can actually work against someone. Super-talented individuals can coast on sheer ability and neglect building the daily habits of success that will sustain them. Poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow shared much insight when he wrote:

The heights by great men reached and kept
Were not attained by sudden flight,
But they, while their companions slept,
Were toiling upward in the night.

If you want to reach your potential, attach a strong work ethic to your talent.

Discipline Focuses on Choices, Not Conditions

In general, people approach daily discipline in one of two ways. They focus on the external or the internal. Those who focus externally allow conditions to dictate whether or not they remain disciplined. Because conditions are transitory, their discipline level changes like the wind.

In contrast, people with internal discipline focus on choices. You cannot control circumstances, nor can you control others. By focusing on your choices, and making the right ones regularly, you stay disciplined.

Discipline Does Not Bow Down to Feelings

As Arthur Gordon said, "Nothing is easier than saying words. Nothing is harder than living them, day after day. What you promise today must be renewed and redecided tomorrow and each day that stretches out before you."

If you do what you should only when you really feel like it, then you won't build disciplined habits. At times, you have to act contrary to emotions. If you refuse to give into your lesser impulses, no matter how great they will make you feel in the moment, then you'll go far.


Discipline is a matter of taking total responsibility for your future. Choose not to blame circumstances for the outcome of your life. Choose to go beyond your natural talent. Choose to make wise decisions repeatedly. Choose discipline as the path to your potential.


By : Dr. John C. Maxwell

Avoid Creating an Excuse as much as possible

In this life, let's try to think about who are you really care this day, who are your really loved one? is that your parents or your girlfriend? or Is that your wife? Or your husband? Or your children?
If you think so, I dare to say that you are wrong!
There are so many peoples in this world who are not realize that the people they most care about is themselves.

I can prove that why I'm saying this. Try to think when you did something wrong to someone else or made a mistakes to yourself, we often make excuses to defend ourselves. For example, if you have committed yourself to the diet, you might be able to survive 2 or 3 days and on day 4 when it comes the temptation to eat a delicious meal, during that time your mind will say "It's been 3 days my diet, just eating a little Pizza will be okay I think "
Now from this illustration, didn't you make excuses to yourself? is that true that you love yourself most than everything?

Another example, when you do wrong to other people and you do not want to admit it, is that true that you would defend yourself to death? Well that's where we can say that our self is the most we love ..

Well, because we love ourselves so much, unknowingly we always make useless excuses to defend ourselves. When your boss gives you a big project for you to handle, because you feel you can not afford it, then you will make any excuse to your boss. Then your boss will give the project to others finally and never again offered to you a big project. The self-defense excuse is totally useless for ourselves.

Try to consider the following illustration:
There was a man named Excuser, he was an employee who worked at a company, every day he worked and worked at that company and over the time he felt that his work is not sufficient for future spending and he began to plan that he must do something to get a lot of additional revenue, he began to think his dream. He began to have dreams that one day he had to buy a house to live. Incidentally on the same day, he contacted his old friend. The old friend invites him to build a business partnership, but they both start from 0. With the same vision and mission, with the aim to achieve success, the Excuser is very excited. Day after day he began to work doing tasks assigned by his partner. However, this task requires a long time, while in the middle of the project, another pleasant thing appeared to excuser, for example, there is a new tv shows that he likes so much, he started watching the show every day, and slowly he began to feel lazy in doing the task.

Finally, his partner come in time to ask the working process. The excuser are afraid that if his partner will get angry and then he make excuses, he said that he couldn't finish it because there is a lot of housework , take care of his children, must work overtime every day at home and so forth. excuses for any excuses be made. the partner is understand that excuser is busy. Day after day went, instead of finishing his work, he enjoyed watching the film, and enjoying gossiping the film with his friend. His partner know that the excuser hasn't do anything. And finally the excuser was asked once again what he was doing that he could not finish the project?
The Excuser just kept making the same excuse. Finally the partner did not contact him again, and the Excuser remained busy with his films. A year later the partners has been a huge success without dividing the result to the Excuser, the Excuser asked, "Why you are on your own path now? aren't we a partner? "
The partner said to him "My company does not need a loving affectionate like fairy tales and what I mean is loving yourself aka excuse maker"
The Excuser heard it and felt sad that he missed an opportunity because he like to make excuses .. His partner enjoying his big success while this excuser could only sit pensively in front of the fireplace thinking what he did..

Actually making the excuse is absolutely useless, because in the end it will only hurt yourself. If we often make excuses, we are increasingly spoiling ourselves to make mistakes. Please be aware of ourselves is not actually our friends, but we really are our real enemies. The more we are making ourselves comfortable, the deeper we got into the abyss comfort that will make us become lazy and making ourselves a more primitive than others.

Stop making excuses, if your boss ordered you to do something, then do it quickly so that before the excuse appears. If your parents ask you to buy groceries, then buy it immediately. If you do wrong, then ask for apologize immediately, do not make excuses again. If you do not want something, say "No" firmly, do not make uncertain excuses.
The excuse it was actually just nonsense. The excuse only lead us to self-defense even though we were wrong. Lots of people who fail in business because they are always makes excuses, "I went bankrupt because my money was corrupted by my employees" this is just a excuse, you can avoid this if you first create a better financial systems and better surveillance.
"I am not able to do this job because my ability is not enough", "I could not do this project because I was at home with a lot of work"
However, if you really observant, you can imagine how much time you spend on the things you do and you can actually do the job given to you, but because there are too many excuses,they make you feel everything could not be done.

"Success" people will not make excuse, but success people make Solution "

If you want to develop yourself, avoid all the excuses that could happen, read books with focus and set your goal with hardwork and diligently.
If you read a book when you suddenly think want to watch television, keep focus in your mind that it was an excuse to be avoided, empty your mind and concentrate on the things you want to do. Focus on your work and finish that you do, do not stop in the middle of the road. Love yourself to care but do not spoil yourself, because yourself can become your most terrifying enemy.

Indeed, we as humans also have to enjoy life, but from now let's try to count the time from now, you do something useful for your future (free from the daily routine of work) more time or you spend your time in relaxing or party?
If you use your time in relaxing or playing then you are planting weeds in your fence that someday the weeds will eat your fence.

The excuse you made will become your habit, and people usually tend to be difficult to get out of habits in him. Be thankful if the habit is good, but if the habit you is ugly or bad? Then you will continue to just make a habit of making excuses and ultimately it will only hurt yourself.

Let us examine what can be caused by any excuses such as:
1. Excuses to make us suspend our work
With the existence of excuse, we will always delay our work, when we are commanded to do something when we were relaxing or watching television, we're going to make useless excuses (I assume you will understand what the excuse I mean). Excuses that made will delay the job much longer and eventually becomes your job will not finish on time.

2. Excuse makes us forget ourselves
The excuse can make us forget ourselves, why not make us become who we are, for example, initially we are diligent, but because of the excuse, you turn yourself into someone who is not wise anymore. Suppose you are a hardworking people, but when you are asked to complete a tough job, suddenly you think you are unable to do it, now with a permanent implant these excuses in mind, you will be reluctant to do the job so that any long run you become a lazy person because you have changed the nature of your diligent become lazy because of the repetition that happens every day (every day refused to do such heavy work) so you ultimately become a lazy. Another example is clubbing at places of entertainment such as club, at first you are an anti-clubbing, but when you're invited, you make excuses to yourself that only occasionally allowed to try, and then you also feel the enjoyment of the clubbing.

There's a saying "If there is a time, there is also two times and there are also three times and so on." And it keeps happening over and over again so that you become a king of clubbing.

3. The excuse make you looks unprofessional
With the excuse,you only make yourself look unprofessional in your job, when you can not reach the target in your company and you make excuses for your lack of achievement in your target, then you will be branded as someone who is not professional in the work because Your boss does not want to hear your excuse, your boss just wants results that have been requested to you and for which you paid, and for which you are paid to achieve the target and what's required to grant your boss. Why not we just trying to achieve that goal than trying to make excuses?

4. Excuses make you happy for a while but not forever
Because the excuse is your survival tool for a while like a shield, and remember that at the time that the shield could be destroyed if we use continually. So basically making excuses or not, the end result will be the same, but even worse, just imagine if the shield was destroyed and we are exposed to debris from the ruined shield, would not it be worse?

Final words of this topic, before you start using your shield / excuse you then it is good you do the things you really ought to do as quickly as possible and as short as possible so that it can be resolved without having to create a excuse that is not useful at all . The police arrested a criminal who has always had an alibi and excuse, because it is their defense, now the question, whether you want to join with the criminals in the prison cell? Or you want to be a success or a successful businessman? It is your own choice ..

Good luck :)

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Chapter 1 - The founding of Superhero

Hi my friend. My name is Teddy Siswoyo. I'm 26 years old from now :) and I'm just the ordinary people who want to do the extraordinary things. In this blog, let me tell you my story :)

I'm a man, who have a beautiful wife with a wonderful son. I have a very wonderful experience in my life and I want to share with you all. Let me tell you my pass.

I was a guy who very active in everything. I like to ride my motorcycle and go to many places. And I like to race on the road. Acting like a pro motorcycle racer. I'm a cheerful person and I like to socialate to every people, I'm similar to my daddy who is master in dealing to every people.

I adore my father very much, because he is so easygoing. Every people who meet him will become his friend for 99% rate success. My father like to chat and speak to every people he meet. It can be a very long conversation between him and his newly meet friend.

My father is a very humble person too. I learn one thing from him that he ever said to me "always respect your friend whatever the condition is" my father always put a big smile to every people he meet. So many peoples like him very much and always welcome him everytime. He taught me to become a humble person and never to judge people by the cover. My father has many friends from poor to rich, from bad to kind people, from ordinary people to a goverment people.

That's why I adore him very much. He is my inspiration. I asked where did he get that kind of skill, and he answer me "from a superhero in us". I'm confuse with the answer, and I'm starting to think who is the superhero? At last I found the answer, the superhero is me myself. I'm my superhero. All the things is come from myself, like a superhero who like to help people, I like to help myself too in everytime so I'm my superhero. That make sense, when I think about it. And that's why I start to write about this. And this is the beginning of the story of "I'm my superhero"

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thank you :)
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