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Woman Tears (tribute for all woman)

If a woman cry in front of you, that because she can't hold it anymore.

If you hold her hand when she's crying, she will live with you in your lifetime.

If you let her go, she will not come back to herself like the past time forever!

A woman will not cry easily, except in front of the people that she really loves, she will become weak in front of people that she loves really.

A woman will not cry easily except in front of the people who dear so much by her, she will lower her ego.

Hey men and boys, if a woman cried because you,please hold their hands with a full of love because she is the one who will stay with you in a lifetime
Hey men and boys, if a women cry because of you, please don't dump her, maybe because of your decision,
you destroy her life.

When she cry in front of you, when she cry because of you, look into her eyes deeply, can you see and can you feel her pain that she got because of you?

In the day where God created a woman, an angel asked to God,"What is the special from this creation of You?

God answered,"there are many specials in this creation of mine". Behind her tender , she has a very big power inside of her. Her speech is a truth. Her smile is a spirit for the one she loves. Her hug and her kiss can warmth her sons.

She is smile when she saw her friend laugh.
She is touched when she saw her son become a champion.
She cry when she saw a pain.
She can smile behind her sad
She is very happy when she saw birth
She is very sad when she saw a death
Her tears can bring a peace

But she always forget one thing...
"What is that God?",the angel asked.
"She forget how much precious she is"

Woman is a pearl, a mother of human, a joy to a guy, a peace to the family, a life to the son, a helper to the people, a love to son and people who's sad

Hey woman, if you think you are not deserved in this world, you are truely wrong! You are deserved in this world, because you are very precious, even God valued you more than everthing and God admit you that you are very precious.

Hey woman, if you are broken heart now, remember that you have a big power to rise up, you have a great spirit to rise up that a guy don't have.

Hey woman, remember that all of the man who become a success people in this world is because they have a great woman to accompany him. There's a famous word,"Behind a great man, there is a great woman", so woman, you are very precious and you are more than jewel for man.

If there is a man who don't appreciate you, just don't care about him, you have your life alone out there and find someone who can loves you,who can appreciate you more than him.

Even God used Mary to born Jesus Christ, it was a prove that God Himself very appreciate woman. So guys, please don't dissapoint a woman, even your lover, your mother, or every woman you meet. Because they are precious, her tears is valuable, don't waste them.

Dedicated to all women in this world!

You are all a great woman, thanks you all for become a great woman in this world :)

God bless you all !


Heart2Heart said...


What a beautiful tribute to women everywhere! We all need to remember this and love like God does.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

teddytrump said...

@Kat : hi there Kat, yeah you too are precious ^^

God bless you Kat

mixedfresh said...

that was describe what the meaning of women tears..

Joorica said...

good job and nice post......C U

teddytrump said...

@mixedfresh : Yeah :D
@Joorica : thanks a lot :)

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