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Your Word can heal sick people

One day michael is just 3 years old and he expect to have a little sister. When he knew the baby was a girl, he is so happy and very excited. Everyday he touch his mommy stomach and sing for his sister, " You are my sunshine,you are my sunshine,you make me happy, when stars are grey"
He sing everyday for his little sister although his sister is in the stomach.

Finally, the baby is born. But the baby is in the critical condition because of complication. Little michael is waiting at home, he is thinking why his mother and his little sister haven't arrived at home yet.

A few days later, doctor tell his mother that her baby can't live for a long time. And the mother decide to take michael to ICU room to see his little sister before she died. His mother know this is against the ICU rule, but she know she must do that.

And then she take michael into the ICU room and let michael to stand beside his little sister. Suddenly the nurse saw michael and then she yell at michael,"Children is prohibited to enter this room!" But before they drag him out, little michael sing to his little sister,"You are my sunshine, you are my sunshine. You make me happy,when stars are grey,you never know dear, how much I love you,please don't take my sunshine away..."

Suddenly, the baby become calm, and her heartbeat is become slower that at first is very fast. The nurse is looking what is happening to the baby and then she said,"little child, whatever you want to do, just keep doing it"

Michael continue to sing for his little sister and everyday she become better and better and finally she is recover totally. Because of little Michael using appreciation words to his little sister to bless her and because that appreciation words, the little baby gain a great spirit to live because she want to see her brother and playing with him.

Yes, appreciation words, not just Michael, we too must using it too. In this day, many peoples have a broken heart, a broken home, sad, unhappy. We must always use the appreciation word to show how we respect the people and maybe we can brighten their days.

This world is cooler than before and love is decreasing dramatically in this world nowaday, now let's spread the love more to the world. And let's try to give people more appreciation words because in our word there is a power to change the world and to change people life :)

Hope that this story can be useful for you :)

Love and regards,



Ferdinand said...

Aku pake B.indo aja yach....

Bener tuh ga ada orang yg ga butuh orang lain....N ga ada salahnya kan klo lewat kata2, syukur2 lewat tindakan kita, beban orang lain bisa lebih berkurang......TOP dah postnya....

teddytrump said...

@ferdinand : yep, betul sekali... Kadang orang yg lg ga mood banget, tiba2 kta datang dan hibur dia, moodnya jadi happy untuk sepanjang hari ^^

akhatam said...

maybe the words that contain meaning, more useful for others. Necessary accuracy in speaking

teddytrump said...

@akhatam : yes I agree too that we should pick a right word too to motivate other, not using a bad word, if we just speak only but there is no meaning inside, it's the same that the word can help others,sometime not helping others but make it worst :)

Buret said...

nice post, i like ur appreciantion words...

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