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Do you love your beloved one enough ?


In Ancient Greek, the famous Socrates have a well known knowledge and very honored by many peoples.

One day, his friend visit him and said to him, "Do you know what did I heard about your friend?"

Socrates answer him "Hold a second, before you tell me anything, let me give you a simple test. This test is called Triple Filter Test"

"Triple Filter Test", answered his friend.

"Yes, it's true" Said Socrates. "Before you tell me about my friend, I think it is good if we take some times and filtering what will you talking about. That's why it is called Triple Filter Test."

The first Filter is "TRUTH"
"Are you really sure the thing you want to tell me is truely true?"

"No", answered his friend, "Actually I just heard it from others".

"Okay," Said Socrates. "So you are not sure about it? All right, now I will give you a second filter. The Second filter is called 'KINDNESS'. Is the thing you will said about my friend is a good thing?"

"No, it is a bad thing"

Then Socrates said,"So, you will tell me something bad about my friend, but you are not sure that thing is right? You still have one more chance because there is still a last filter, it is USEFULL''. Is the thing you will tell me about my friend are USEFULL for me and other peoples?"

"No, not at all", answered his friend.

Socrates said,"So, if you want to say something that is not necessarily true, bad and useless at all, why you must tell it to me?"

That's why Socrates is a great philosopher and very famouse and honorable. Guys in our life, we must use this Triple filter test too everytime we hear from others about our friend and our beloved one and don't get to fast to believe what others people said, because in this world there more people who talk a negative word than a positive word. So trust your buddy and your beloved one, they will not harm you because they love you too.

Have a nice day :)


Heart2Heart said...


I stopped by after reading your comments on my blog this morning. I read your profile and think you are one very blessed man indeed and God is doing a great work in you.

This post is so great I plan on using it whenever someone has something they really must share with me. Love it. I too, have become a follower of yours!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

teddytrump said...

Hai kat thanks for visiting and thanks for your comment :) it makes me want to write and post a new useful topic like this more...thanks for following me too...

Love to see your another book review :)

Ferdinand said...

I agree mate......we must have Truth, Kindless N usefull ......

teddytrump said...

Yeah , peoples need things like this more and more, because the world is cooler than before

akhatam said...

Great Post Friend... Thanks was commented in my blog, and i was followed u.. Keep Blogging

teddytrump said...

Thanks my friend ^^

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