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Avoid Creating an Excuse as much as possible

In this life, let's try to think about who are you really care this day, who are your really loved one? is that your parents or your girlfriend? or Is that your wife? Or your husband? Or your children?
If you think so, I dare to say that you are wrong!
There are so many peoples in this world who are not realize that the people they most care about is themselves.

I can prove that why I'm saying this. Try to think when you did something wrong to someone else or made a mistakes to yourself, we often make excuses to defend ourselves. For example, if you have committed yourself to the diet, you might be able to survive 2 or 3 days and on day 4 when it comes the temptation to eat a delicious meal, during that time your mind will say "It's been 3 days my diet, just eating a little Pizza will be okay I think "
Now from this illustration, didn't you make excuses to yourself? is that true that you love yourself most than everything?

Another example, when you do wrong to other people and you do not want to admit it, is that true that you would defend yourself to death? Well that's where we can say that our self is the most we love ..

Well, because we love ourselves so much, unknowingly we always make useless excuses to defend ourselves. When your boss gives you a big project for you to handle, because you feel you can not afford it, then you will make any excuse to your boss. Then your boss will give the project to others finally and never again offered to you a big project. The self-defense excuse is totally useless for ourselves.

Try to consider the following illustration:
There was a man named Excuser, he was an employee who worked at a company, every day he worked and worked at that company and over the time he felt that his work is not sufficient for future spending and he began to plan that he must do something to get a lot of additional revenue, he began to think his dream. He began to have dreams that one day he had to buy a house to live. Incidentally on the same day, he contacted his old friend. The old friend invites him to build a business partnership, but they both start from 0. With the same vision and mission, with the aim to achieve success, the Excuser is very excited. Day after day he began to work doing tasks assigned by his partner. However, this task requires a long time, while in the middle of the project, another pleasant thing appeared to excuser, for example, there is a new tv shows that he likes so much, he started watching the show every day, and slowly he began to feel lazy in doing the task.

Finally, his partner come in time to ask the working process. The excuser are afraid that if his partner will get angry and then he make excuses, he said that he couldn't finish it because there is a lot of housework , take care of his children, must work overtime every day at home and so forth. excuses for any excuses be made. the partner is understand that excuser is busy. Day after day went, instead of finishing his work, he enjoyed watching the film, and enjoying gossiping the film with his friend. His partner know that the excuser hasn't do anything. And finally the excuser was asked once again what he was doing that he could not finish the project?
The Excuser just kept making the same excuse. Finally the partner did not contact him again, and the Excuser remained busy with his films. A year later the partners has been a huge success without dividing the result to the Excuser, the Excuser asked, "Why you are on your own path now? aren't we a partner? "
The partner said to him "My company does not need a loving affectionate like fairy tales and what I mean is loving yourself aka excuse maker"
The Excuser heard it and felt sad that he missed an opportunity because he like to make excuses .. His partner enjoying his big success while this excuser could only sit pensively in front of the fireplace thinking what he did..

Actually making the excuse is absolutely useless, because in the end it will only hurt yourself. If we often make excuses, we are increasingly spoiling ourselves to make mistakes. Please be aware of ourselves is not actually our friends, but we really are our real enemies. The more we are making ourselves comfortable, the deeper we got into the abyss comfort that will make us become lazy and making ourselves a more primitive than others.

Stop making excuses, if your boss ordered you to do something, then do it quickly so that before the excuse appears. If your parents ask you to buy groceries, then buy it immediately. If you do wrong, then ask for apologize immediately, do not make excuses again. If you do not want something, say "No" firmly, do not make uncertain excuses.
The excuse it was actually just nonsense. The excuse only lead us to self-defense even though we were wrong. Lots of people who fail in business because they are always makes excuses, "I went bankrupt because my money was corrupted by my employees" this is just a excuse, you can avoid this if you first create a better financial systems and better surveillance.
"I am not able to do this job because my ability is not enough", "I could not do this project because I was at home with a lot of work"
However, if you really observant, you can imagine how much time you spend on the things you do and you can actually do the job given to you, but because there are too many excuses,they make you feel everything could not be done.

"Success" people will not make excuse, but success people make Solution "

If you want to develop yourself, avoid all the excuses that could happen, read books with focus and set your goal with hardwork and diligently.
If you read a book when you suddenly think want to watch television, keep focus in your mind that it was an excuse to be avoided, empty your mind and concentrate on the things you want to do. Focus on your work and finish that you do, do not stop in the middle of the road. Love yourself to care but do not spoil yourself, because yourself can become your most terrifying enemy.

Indeed, we as humans also have to enjoy life, but from now let's try to count the time from now, you do something useful for your future (free from the daily routine of work) more time or you spend your time in relaxing or party?
If you use your time in relaxing or playing then you are planting weeds in your fence that someday the weeds will eat your fence.

The excuse you made will become your habit, and people usually tend to be difficult to get out of habits in him. Be thankful if the habit is good, but if the habit you is ugly or bad? Then you will continue to just make a habit of making excuses and ultimately it will only hurt yourself.

Let us examine what can be caused by any excuses such as:
1. Excuses to make us suspend our work
With the existence of excuse, we will always delay our work, when we are commanded to do something when we were relaxing or watching television, we're going to make useless excuses (I assume you will understand what the excuse I mean). Excuses that made will delay the job much longer and eventually becomes your job will not finish on time.

2. Excuse makes us forget ourselves
The excuse can make us forget ourselves, why not make us become who we are, for example, initially we are diligent, but because of the excuse, you turn yourself into someone who is not wise anymore. Suppose you are a hardworking people, but when you are asked to complete a tough job, suddenly you think you are unable to do it, now with a permanent implant these excuses in mind, you will be reluctant to do the job so that any long run you become a lazy person because you have changed the nature of your diligent become lazy because of the repetition that happens every day (every day refused to do such heavy work) so you ultimately become a lazy. Another example is clubbing at places of entertainment such as club, at first you are an anti-clubbing, but when you're invited, you make excuses to yourself that only occasionally allowed to try, and then you also feel the enjoyment of the clubbing.

There's a saying "If there is a time, there is also two times and there are also three times and so on." And it keeps happening over and over again so that you become a king of clubbing.

3. The excuse make you looks unprofessional
With the excuse,you only make yourself look unprofessional in your job, when you can not reach the target in your company and you make excuses for your lack of achievement in your target, then you will be branded as someone who is not professional in the work because Your boss does not want to hear your excuse, your boss just wants results that have been requested to you and for which you paid, and for which you are paid to achieve the target and what's required to grant your boss. Why not we just trying to achieve that goal than trying to make excuses?

4. Excuses make you happy for a while but not forever
Because the excuse is your survival tool for a while like a shield, and remember that at the time that the shield could be destroyed if we use continually. So basically making excuses or not, the end result will be the same, but even worse, just imagine if the shield was destroyed and we are exposed to debris from the ruined shield, would not it be worse?

Final words of this topic, before you start using your shield / excuse you then it is good you do the things you really ought to do as quickly as possible and as short as possible so that it can be resolved without having to create a excuse that is not useful at all . The police arrested a criminal who has always had an alibi and excuse, because it is their defense, now the question, whether you want to join with the criminals in the prison cell? Or you want to be a success or a successful businessman? It is your own choice ..

Good luck :)

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Anonymous said...

Great Ted !! Make me re-thinking about all the excuse that I've done.... NO MORE EXCUSE FROM NOW ON !! ^_^

*Elysabeth Cen*

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