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Mommy, I want to bath with you

Dewi is my friend. She is a university student with a great intelligence and great idealism. Since in the university, her character and her concept is clear : "To get the best in academic and in her career"."Why not to be the best?", this is the word that is always heard from her mouth which she pick from a former of American President.

When in the university, Dewi is the one who participate in International Law Study in Utrect-Holland which sent by her university to there. After finishing her university, Dewi get her soulmate who is in a same level to her, two of them have a good achievement although they have a different job. Then they get married and they have a son who named Bayu,

their first son. Bayu born when Dewi get promoted to Diplomat Staff, it is the time exactly when her husband get a PhD title. Then they have a very complete happiness in their family.

When Bayu is 6 months old, Dewi is going busier and busier, like a bird who fly everytime from town to town, from country to country. For her friend, I ever asked him something,"Won't you care about Bayu that he is to young to be left by his mother everytime?" Dewi answered,"I have anticipated everytime perfectly, Everything is Ok! Don't worry everything is under control!", That was how she said with a high confident.

She really proved her word. Her son is take care by a very professional and the most expensive baby sitter. Dewi just control her son through the phone. Finally Bayu grow up to a very energetic son, smart and understanding.

His grandmother and grandfather always give their proudly grandchild abundant of spirit about how great is his mother and father. About the PhD title, and about travelling, and an abundant money. "You must like your parents, if you are adult later, be a man like your mother", his grandmother said to him everytime the end of the fairy tale before sleep.

And when bayu is 5 years old, his grandmother tell Dewi that Bayu asked for a sister or a brother so he can play with him if he feel alone at home.

Dewi suprised with her son unexpected request, Dewi and his husband then ask for their son understanding. Their busy time make them not possible to give him a little brother or sister. Again this little boy want to understand his parent.
With proud Dewi tell to Bayu that he is a great boy because he never whine to ask for a brother or sister again. Bayu have her mom legacy in him who isn't a whinner and very stand alone. Even his two parents always come home late, he seldom whine or angry but he is always welcoming their parents when they came home with joy and happiness. That's why Dewi is always call him "my little angel". It is really a happy family I think. Even his two parents is a very busy, bayu still grow up with joy from his parent. Silently, I become very jealous to this family.

One day, when Dewi is preparing to go to the office, suddenly Bayu is refusing to be bath by his baby sitter. "I want mommy and me to take shower together", Said him, "Please Mom, please Mom, come on Mom", with a high hope he ask his mother with a compassion. Then Dewi get very angry because she don't have time for that, because she had counted her time correctly. Then She refuse to fulfil her son request. Her husband too try to persuade his son to go to bath with his babby sitter. And again, bayu with very understanding hearing his parents word although with an unhappy face

This happens repeatly until a week. "Mom, please take me shower, come on mom, just this time mom....please......?". But Dewi still refuse to shower with him, they think maybe bayu is starting to enter the school so he wants more attention. Then Bayu with sadly face going to bath with his baby sitter.

Finaly until one day, Dewi is suprised by the call from her baby sitter,"Mam, today Bayu got sick and a high fever and he got convulsions. Now he is under checked in Emergency Room".

When Dewi accept the call, Dewi is celebrating her new office in other town. Then she quickly go back to her town, after arrived in her town, she moves quickly to the emergency room".

But....she is late, too late for her. God have another plan. Bayu, the little angel, has gone with GOD... Dewi is heavily shocked. After she arrives at home, one of her desire is to bath her son. A few days ago, Dewi promised her son to get shower together with Bayu if she don't have a very important work. And this evening, Dewi fulfil her promise to Bayu although after her little angel's body lying rigid.

When many neighbors come to mourn, they hear Dewi cries to her son,"This is your Mom, Son....I will take you bath today alright honey?.....finally I fulfil my promise to you son....this time mommy will accompany don't have to sad don't have to cry again, my baby, mommy miss you, do you hear me Son? where's your smile? where's your smile that always shown to mommy? i want to see your smile now, smile, smile, smileeee!!!" many of neighbors can't hold their cries.

When it's time to bury the little angel, many peoples just stand up silently to see at his coffin..Dewi try to stay strong and said to her friends,"This is a faith, isn't it? it's the same, if we are beside him or we are on abroad, if GOD call him, he must go, isn't it?" I just can stand silently beside her. It looks like Dewi is not sad with the gone of her son and she looks like she don't need others to encourage her.

Her husband too, just can't stand up silently with a pale face and a tremble lips that can't hold his tear starting to wet his cheek. Then Dewi said again,"This is a consequence of choice!", she try to be strong.

Then suddenly, Dewi kneeling down and hugging his son coffin and she start to scream, "I'm sorry son, forgive your mom, my baby, forgive me son...forgive me son....", she scream and she knock her head on the ground, and she cry loudly with a loud scream...."I'm sorry baby, i'm sorry baby...why you leave me baby? why? forgive me my son, I don't even have any time to play with you, forgive me, mommy is very sorry"

Now the little angel has gone, until he gone, he never feel how is the feel of showered by his mother because his parent feel that there is something more important than this.

Nice has become porridge, sorry in the future time is useless now. Hope that in this story, we as a parent don't feel that we are great and takes other thing to become more priority than our son.

FAMILY is Number one all above everything before GOD

Love your family...

God bless you all


RCUBEs said...

That's a heart-wrenching story brother. But all true. One that because of the Lord's grace, my hubby and I strived hard to do the opposite. To work less and have more time for our child. I thank God everyday that both of us are here to see our son's victories and losses. Everything that he goes through. It's really a blessing to have a life with the Lord. Because our perspectives on life change. That nothing here lasts. Not positions, not material things. But we must strive for those that we don't see and last eternal.
I may not be rich and can't afford trips, but it's the best gift to see our child happy knowing how much his mom and dad love him and love to guide him in this life's journey. Glory to God! Blessings to you.

Heart2Heart said...

This is the way families should be prioritizing our time to spend them with those in our immediate family instead of pursuing the financial security that may never be ours.

We are starting to see the very reality of this with my hubby working 14 hour days that God may have another purpose in our lives besides having an absent father.

Please pray that our choices will be clear in the future ahead and that once more God will provide as always.

I think I will share this with him tonight.

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

teddytrump said...

@RCube : yes, we must have more times for our children, because nowaday children need more attention.. They need more times form their parent. Material, rich, or trips is not an important one, but LOVE is the first thing for children, there is many peoples who lives simple but have their children very happy :) it's all about love.

I remember that is a verse in the bible, seek for the kingdom of heaven first and all will be added to you. Our children is a responsible that GOD gave to us, so I think if we take care more of our child, we are too doing that verse thing. I'll pray too for your family Kat, there must be a great things for you and your family.


GBU kat...

yansen said...

paham dikit lah soalnya gx terlalu pintar bhs inggris.....

teddytrump said...

@Yan : it's okay, you can use translator :)

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