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Learning from mistake is a human strength

"Making mistake is a human weakness but learning from mistake is a human strength"

In this world there is no human who like to make a mistake in his life. We always expect everything in our life to be right in many aspects. We always expect everything to be perfect. As the example : if we want to get a job, we want to have a job with a big salary, with many facilites, bonuses, comfortable environment.

If we work at the office, our boss expect the job without a mistake. This thing sometimes make us fear to do other things offered to us because we fear to make a mistake. Sometimes mistake can make us desperate or trauma in doing things.
It make us miss many opportunities in our life.

Mistake make us fear to step forward so there is no any improvement further in our career, life or everything. For the example in love case, there is a woman who trust her boy very much. She gave everything for her boy. She always trust him in her deeper heart. And she think he is the only one in her heart. But someday her boy cheated on her and they are arguing, the boy then leave her with another girl. This thing make her very frustated and very down and very trauma and her heart is broken.

In the next day and day, she always get sad and she promised that she doesn't want to have a boy again because she fear to make a second time mistake again. Time passed by and she getting old and she still fear to make a mistake and finally she gets old and she died without having husband and child. This simple example tell us how she doesn't want to change his mindset to let the pass go by and learn from the mistake.

Many peoples doesn't realize that mistake make us stronger, make us become a new man. Thomas Alpha Edison make a thousand mistakes in his life and he invented a lamp. Every success people always have many mistakes but they don't fear to make a mistake but they learn from the mistake. They try and try and try. Many peoples always see the negative side in mistake, they don't realize that there is a thing to learn. Sometimes mistake is the only way to success.

Human is not a perfect creature but from the things(mistakes etc) around human can be a perfect creature. Many peoples lose their chance in career because they fear to do a mistake. Many peoples fear to try again in their failed career, they don't realize sometimes the second try is the time he will success and he lose his chance because he fear of mistake. Other example is a boy that fear to make a mistake in confessing his feeling to a girl, he fear to make a mistake in talking to the girl and fear to be rejected, beside that the girl is waiting him to confess to her. But the boy is to fear to make a mistake because he have been rejected by many girls in many times. Finally the girl have a boy and the boy leaved in desperation.

We must realize, we can't not run from mistake, we can't hide from mistake, human always make a mistake, there is a gift from God. That is a weakness in human, but we often don't realize that we are given by God a strength too beside the weakness, there is a will to learn from a mistake and become a strong man.

So from now on, let's not fear to make a mistake in positive way. I don't tell you always to make a mistake hehe...but don't fear if we can make a mistake someday, because we can learn many things from mistake. Human is a unique creature and a very gifted creature. Learn from mistake and be a very successful people :)

"Making mistake is a human weakness but learning from mistake is a human strength"

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