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Please stop Baby Abortion !!

In this day, there are so many child abortion cases in this world, please spread this video to every people in this world to show how much a baby is precious in the world..
Hopefully can help :)

Short Poem made by me for all peoples for loving their baby

a second when I know I'm in Mommy stomach, I smile
a second when I know I will breath the outside air , I smile
a second when I know I will meet my parent soon, I smile
a second when I know I will play with my Daddy, I smile

a second when I heard Mommy laugh, I laugh
a second when I heard Daddy laugh, I laugh
a second when I heard Mommy talking to me, I laugh
a second when I heard Daddy whispering to me, I laugh

but someday

a second when I know Mommy sad, I cry
a second when I know Daddy angry, I cry
a second when I know they are fighting, I cry
a second when I know they cry, I cry

a second when I know Mommy will leave me, I cry
a second when I know Daddy don't want me, I cry
a second when I know they want to throw me, I cry
a second when I know they sick of me, I cry

then I said,

Mommy, Daddy,
Don't leave me,
Don't throw me,
Don't kill me,
Don't abort me.

I promise to you, Daddy Mommy .

I will be a good child for you
I will be a good child to make you proud
I will be a good child to make you laugh
I will be a good child to comfort you when you are fighting.

I will show Mommy and Daddy,

That I will be a number one in school,
That I am a very obedient child in the world,
That I will make a rainbow to brighten your day,
That I will be a moon to make you have a nice sleep.

I promise, you will not regret to have me,
Please don't leave me,
Please don't throw me,
Please don't abort me,
Please Love me...

God said, I have a mission in this world,
To make Mommy and Daddy happy in this world,
I love you Mommy and Daddy,
Please don't abort me.

from : your baby who can't wait to cheer your day

(by : Teddytrump)

Watch this, how much adorable they are here...

Dedicated to all parents and all boys and girls,
A baby has a right to live, don't because your selfish decision, you abort your baby...
Please, don't you want to see their smile?
Don't you want to hear their beauty voice?
Don't you want to see how funny they are?
Please, don't give up on your baby...He is precious...


RCUBEs said...

It is sad and I'm glad you are giving these precioius blessings a voice through your post! A lot of pregnant women sometimes think it is a quick decision to have an abortion without truly knowing the consequences. Blessings to you.

ureh said...

agree with you, stop baby abortion!! and stop global warming,hmm..

faiza said...

nice poem,,,

sure,,Stop Baby Abortion..

they are precious..

link nya sdh terpasang,,

salam kenal..

teddytrump said...

@Rcubes : Thanks so much, I hope that people out there will stop these cruelty in this world..I always cried when I see a picture where the aborted baby was taken out from the mom..I'm not posting here, because it is too cruel to see

@Ureh :
yes, stop baby abortion and stop global warming,please help me to spread the word to stop the abortion

@faiza :
thanks faiza, please help me to spread this poem or the video...
May God bless you and nice to meet you too, thanks for coming and reading my post :)

Imoel said...

agree with this article

NoRLaNd said...

It's a pure speech which came from heart, hope it;s a truth :D

akhatam said...

Sooo Bad if anyone doing aborsion...!!! I hate that!!

Intan Qonita said...

bayinya lucu banget *ga nyambung*

hmm sedih ngebaca kalimat kalimatnya. ini puisi atau apa ?

teddytrump said...

@Imoel : Thank you :)
@Norland : ^^
@Akhatam : the fact is many peoples doing abortion -.- so please spread the word to realized peoples how much precious is baby.
@Intan : It's up to you to say it a poem or what, what do you think? hehe...

Iskandar Dzulkarnain said...

let's say no to abortion !!

btw, tuker link(banner) yux

ur_gurLNxtdOor said...

i so agree with u...

"LETS ALL STOP ABORTION!!! babies are gift from above :D"...

Ferdinand said...

sometimes I don't understand, why many people must to have an abortion and killing of innocent babies. thankful my mother never thought to have an abortion to me.....

4 All parents....Loves Ur baby....Like GOD Loves U....

teddytrump said...

@ur_gurLNxtdOor : Agree!
@Ferdinand : They do abortion because they think it is a shame to have a baby before married.. -.- sometimes they always pray for GOD, go to worship GOD, but they still do the abortion, how they are not appreciate what is GOD give to them...

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