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Chapter 1 - The founding of Superhero

Hi my friend. My name is Teddy Siswoyo. I'm 26 years old from now :) and I'm just the ordinary people who want to do the extraordinary things. In this blog, let me tell you my story :)

I'm a man, who have a beautiful wife with a wonderful son. I have a very wonderful experience in my life and I want to share with you all. Let me tell you my pass.

I was a guy who very active in everything. I like to ride my motorcycle and go to many places. And I like to race on the road. Acting like a pro motorcycle racer. I'm a cheerful person and I like to socialate to every people, I'm similar to my daddy who is master in dealing to every people.

I adore my father very much, because he is so easygoing. Every people who meet him will become his friend for 99% rate success. My father like to chat and speak to every people he meet. It can be a very long conversation between him and his newly meet friend.

My father is a very humble person too. I learn one thing from him that he ever said to me "always respect your friend whatever the condition is" my father always put a big smile to every people he meet. So many peoples like him very much and always welcome him everytime. He taught me to become a humble person and never to judge people by the cover. My father has many friends from poor to rich, from bad to kind people, from ordinary people to a goverment people.

That's why I adore him very much. He is my inspiration. I asked where did he get that kind of skill, and he answer me "from a superhero in us". I'm confuse with the answer, and I'm starting to think who is the superhero? At last I found the answer, the superhero is me myself. I'm my superhero. All the things is come from myself, like a superhero who like to help people, I like to help myself too in everytime so I'm my superhero. That make sense, when I think about it. And that's why I start to write about this. And this is the beginning of the story of "I'm my superhero"

visit my blog again to read the next chapter
thank you :)


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