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Don't Teach Your Son

Don't Teach Your Son

Don't teach your son that power and might is all above
Teach him to love and to accept himself willingly

Don't teach your son to pursue honor and power
Teach him to pursue love and wisdom

Don't disalow your son to cry, don't tell him that a men should not cry baby
Teach him to know and accept his feeling, that tears is a beautiful gift from GOD
So he will learn to not to frustated by his emotion
And when he is adult, he will learn to live his life completely.

Don't teach your daughter how to became beautiful
but teach her how to love and how to accept herself completely

Don't teach your daughter how to please a man
but teach her how to please GOD

Don't disalow your daughter if she loves to jump, run, and climb
If she like to travel and playing with tools, don't you force her to sit quietly and calm
because she want to become a freeman...and don't you destroy her curiousity that GOD gave to her

Fill your home with love, wisdom not a wealth, body beauty, title, and power
Share with your son and daughter, a beauty feeling to enjoy a morning sunrise
a warm feeling when we holding a sand
a butterfly romantic feeling perch on the flower
a sweet sound from raindrops

If you want your son worship diligently
Bring the existence of GOD in yourself
You can't force him to worship because he don't understand what you are worship for

If you want your son to love a knowledge
Show him the feeling to learn more and more
Your advice won't make him to read, because he never see you enjoying books

If you want your son to have a full love
Show him your love to him and to each other
Just a word of love can't make him to love if he can't feel a love from you

For your son, you are an example to him,
He don't needs many words nor a million advice
If you want your son to live in your expectation,
You must show him what you are expect

God bless you


Awan said...

nice share.. i like it..

teddytrump said...

@Awan : Thank you :)

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