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Nick Vujicic - Are you gonna finish Strong?

Nobody is perfect, nobody is the strongest, nobody is the richest, nobody is the poorest, it is only the people perspective.The most important point is how people finish strong, how is the people ending, happy ending? or sad ending?

Being rich, perfect, strongest is not guaranted you to be the best forever, it is too if you are poor, sad, depressed, it is not forever.. It's your choice to choose wether you want to be happy or not. Life is a choice.. for me "I want to be happy, and I'm happy!", I'm not a rich people, I have a debt, even sometimes I don't have money to buy a food. I'm not a perfect people, I'm not a handsome man, even now I must using a stick to walk because my foot disability, but I'm happy! I'm thankful what I have now, I have a beautiful wife, and soon I'll become a father :)  It's a choice to choose whether you are happy or not.

I learn a lot from many strong peoples in this world, on of them is Nick Vujijic, his most inspiration word for me is "There is a bitter and better, it is your choice to choose" if Nick choose a bitter about his condition, then he will have a bitter life, he'll never give hopes to many peoples, he'll become a desperate people, but now look at him, he choose a better way, and now he become famous, he help many peoples who lost hope, who lost their confident, who live in sadness, he teach us how to thankful to God... for me, I have a thought that "What I'm now is not what I am in future" it will be better :)

so my friend, choose a better way, and finish Strong! here's Nick vujijic video, hope that you too can finish strong..

Happy is my right, no one can take my happiness except me, so I will take a happy way


Blogger said...

nothing perfect in this world...
namun bagaimana kita melakukan yang terbaik yang kita bisa
Sukses Slalu!

teddytrump said...

@bunglon : totally agree with you :)

Unknown said...

can I translate this entry to Vietnamese and post it on my blog? The post is very great ^^. Thanks

Unknown said...

can I translate this entry to Vietnamese and post it on my blog? The post is very great ^^. Thanks

tips beli rumah said...

g ada yg mudah dan gampang klo g da usaha

teddytrump said...

@Anh Thur : yes, just go on , but please add my website reference there :)

@tips beli rumah : yeppp it's true

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