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Blind Pianist Girl - Yoo Ye Eun

You are born to be loved

Yoo Ye Eun, a korean blind pianist girl is a trully blessed little girl that sent from GOD, although she is blind, she got a very amazing talent in herself. Her great talent is playing piano since she was 3 years old.

When I watched her video, I don't know why my tears are flowing out and when she sing a song with a title You are born to be loved. A little biography from her, is that she is being adopted by her parents... She was dumped by her real mother because she is blind, and until now nobody know where is her mother now.

Then a very big heart Mom adopted her.. Her mother always sing a song for her when she is a little baby until 3 years old, she try to play a piano. With her great talent, she can play a tune that her mother sing, whatever song is it, she can directly play it and follow it directly on her piano. Not just that, she have a nice vocal too, she's like a little angel that GOD sent to this world to remind us that whatever condition that we have, there's always a positive thing inside us.

God always create peoples with a balance. But many peoples only judge by the book cover only, we don't know what is in the future till we face it. I myself is very salute to Yoo Ye Eun
From Yoo Ye Eun then many artist invite her to play a piano for them while they are singing.

We all are born to be loved, don't waste people around us. Don't leave them when they are needing you, don't leave them when they are in a bad condition, they need you! because they are born to be loved too

Now, let see around you if there are peoples who need your love... Love them, like you love GOD

God loves you,

You are born to be loved

"You were born to be loved
Within your life, you’ve been receiving His Love

The Love of God has began since creation and has connected with us through our fellowship
Because of your existence in this world, we share this great joy among us

You were born to be loved, even now you are receiving His Great Love"

below is the video


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