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Live with God

Live with God is like when we cycling,
on tandem bicycle with God behind,
He is pedalling with us,
and we feel so peaceful.

But sometime it's hard to choose our path and we say,
"God, would you mind leading the way?"
He said "believe in Me,okay?"
"Okay", I said

The way He choose is so different, 
from that we thought before.
it feel so scary and impossible to get through.

He knew that we're afraid,
and He hold our hand, 
and never let go nor let us down.

Even with eyes closed,
we pedalling back,
and let everything in His hands.

At Last,
when we open our eyes,
He took us to the destination,
which one far more beautiful than we thought before...

Thank You Lord...Haleluya
(Jeremiah 29:11

Believe in God,whatever happened to You, just believe that He'll never leave you... He's always hold you, you just need to open your heart to Him..

God bless you all


ureh said...

wow..nice story..thumb up :)

teddytrump said...

@ureh : thanks ureh :)

Rizkyzone said...

waduh kok pk bhsa linggis harus buka kamus dulu nih

teddytrump said...

@Rizky : Ada google translate kan di atas site?

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