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7 Golden Rules Of Life
7 Golden Rules Of Life !!!

Don't let someone become a priority in your life, when you are just an option in their life.
Relationships work best when they are balanced. There's only one, He is GOD. If you let someone become a priority in your life, you will ruin you own life, because all of your focus is just for the people who you priority, we must keep balance so our life can go on smoothly :)

Never explain yourself to anyone.
Because the person who likes you doesn't need it, and the person who doesn't like you won't believe it. In the other words,other peoples don't like to hear about you but peoples like to talk about themselves.

When you keep saying you are busy, then you are never free.
When you keep saying you have no time, then you will never have time.
When you keep saying that you will do it tomorrow, then your tomorrow will never come.
the other word is ,"Don't make Excuse"

When we wake up in the morning, we have two simple choices.
Go back to sleep and dream, or wake up and chase those dreams.
Choice is yours. The other word is,"Chase your dream in your sleep or chase your dream in your life"

We make them cry who care for us.
We cry for those who never care for us.
And we care for those who will never cry for us.
This is the truth of life, it's strange but true. Once you realize this, it's never too late to change. This is because peoples are too selfish to their own desire.

Don't make promise when you are in joy.
Don't reply when you are sad.
Don't take decision when you are angry.
Think twice, act twice. The other word is "Think before act, but don't think too much"

Time is like river. You can't touch the same water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again. It is your decision to waste your time or not :)

Hope that this post can bless you all, have a nice day and God bless you




Heart2Heart said...


Truly beautiful words to live and love by.

Love and Hugs ~~ Kat

teddytrump said...

@Kat : thanks Kat, I got it from my friend :) hope can be useful to every people here and out there...

robby said...

Wow your are really have beautiful words Gan...

Ferdinand said...

I agree with you teddy, especially at the first point, when we put a man more than God, we will not achieve successful word

Joorica said...

Good job...nice post and your are really have beautiful words friend

dezca said...

ihh ,
kok bisa bikin kayak gituaan ??

baguss bangeett .
*soalnya bener bangeeettt ...

teddytrump said...

@Rob : thanks Rob, I'm glad to know you like it
@Fer : yup, the first priority is God word.
@Joorica : thanks brother :)
@dezca : thanks too's all because of God

God bless you my dear friends

akhatam said...

WOW! That Suree Friendd.. So Thankks for it.. Hope God Bless u always!

teddytrump said...

@akhatam : thanks :) God bless u too...hope u have an abundant grace in a whole life

mixedfresh said...

i like the 3rd point, i don't know why, but for me personally, i always make excuse
thanks bro, it's good advice to contemplate

translator in Bali, Online English and Indonesian instructor said...

Hi Teddy , thanks posting a wonderfully written article on 7 Golden rules of life. Let share it with other readers too so that they can get blessed too.

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