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Pain is the beginning of happiness

Pain is the beginning of happiness

When a young oyster going to move or searching a food, it will open its shell, open, close, open, close.

One day, when the shell is opened, there's a sand go inside the oyster shell. The young oyster is crying to the mother, "Mommy, it's hurt, there is a sand came inside my body".

The mother answer," be patient my child, just ignore the pain, if needed, give your best of your kind heart to the sand who's hurting you"

The young oyster follow the mother advice. He cry and cry, but he use his tears to wrap the incoming sand into his body. He do it repeatly and slowly the pain is gone and vanish.

A few moments later, the shells were harvested. Shells with sand are seperated from shells with no sand. And the shells without sand are sold with a very low price become food and shells with sand are sold with a very high price, why?

Because the sand wrapped with tears in the shell has turned into the core of pearl.

Moral Message :

If we never suffered, we will become like the oyster steamed in a sale which sold on the roadside. Conversely if we are able to face all the suffering even able to give benefits to others when we are suffering, we will be the pearl in the place of honor Also used by respectable people.

There are words that I remember often, "No pain no gain". Process is hurt, many success people had through their pain process and when they through it, they will enjoy their hardwork that they achieve in a long time. Many human can't bear the pain and they stop in the middle of the road, they protest, they cried, they even angry, but we don't know there is a great thing waiting for us.

Scare being hurt, scare being fail,scare being ashame, and many other things. They are no success we can gain easily without a hardwork and pain. But always look for the positive side, after dawn there are always a bright.

Have a nice weekend my friends




buret said...

great, pesan moral yang luar biasa.

teddytrump said...

@buret : hope you like it :D thanks buret

Rizaldy Gema said...

hmmm.. well. pain is just a simple compromise.. (haha.. sok iye dah gw.. ckck) nice post.. bagus nih.. keep posting ya :D

Ferdinand said...

Aku ga ada kata2...pokoknya bener2 dalem N nyentuh ke Hati Sob hhe....


maaf nie aku baru bisa mampir...Oiya aku bawa sertifikat nie....diambil ya Sob.....thnx

teddytrump said...

@Rizaldy : Pain is a thing that show people that we are really fighting in getting something :)

@Ferdinand : thanks for the certificate , I'll post i later ^^

Andreas Winfrey said...

Wow great post! Inspiring and touching!! Did you make it urself?

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