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Dota 2 Gamescom Trailer and gameplay

DOTA 2 trailer and DOTA 2 Gameplay released 

Dota 2
What does a hero truly need? 

Speaking about hero it must be all about game.Speaking about game, it's must be all about DOTA 2.
Fans can't wait longer to wait the game being released so the Valve make the trailer for all of DOTA fans... in this trailer, there're many heroes in the previous Dota games. Nice trailer indeed and it makes our heart pounding and feeling like that we can't wait for it any longer. Dota is a popular game that was made by Icefrog using Warcraft III game..

The custom map by Icefrog make a big breakthrough. This game is very popular until Valve make the decision to make it's own standalone game without using warcraft again to play it, and now it will be released soon "DOTA 2" and I present you the trailer of DOTA 2.. enjoy

DOTA 2 trailer

DOTA 2 Gameplay highlight


Diomar Salvado said...

nice post. .please try to dota-allstars thank you. . .

teddytrump said...

Hi Thank you :)

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